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Posted by monster87, 17 February 2011 · 161 views

mw2 it never gets old :applause: 8-)

mw2 it never gets old :applause: 8-)
Before it got overrun by hackers and cheaters it fun, now it sucks
It's from Activision so it sucked at launch and will continue to suck. Find and buy a better game, one worthy of your time please.
Neither do the kids that play it.
COD4 is the best COD by far.

MW2 could have been a great game if it was fixed and balanced.

Black Ops is COD4 with killstreaks but I hate kids who run around with Ghost and AK74u. :bomb:
They only thing that was fun for me in MW2 was third person mode. Sure it was just slapped in there, but if they actually do it correctly next game i just might buy i think MW should evolve and just go full third person it wasnt bad at all just poorly done.

Other than that maps were too small too many places to camp...i could go on needless to say i felt nothing when i traded it to gamestop 4 weeks later but on the other had if it was COD4 i would have went insane if something happend to that disk!!!.
Now I'm starting to think LottaGames is just a troll.. Reading blogs just to be the antagonist in everything. He thinks nothing is worthy of his time.
LG, (as he prefers to be called) is most definitely one of the most heinous trolls on this site. He goes from blog to blog just spewing his negativity and hatred for others (self?) Not sure why he's always so pissed. Does he want us to respect him for his "unique" view on everything?

I once asked him to look in the mirror and truthfully ask himself why this is, but not sure if got off his high horse long enough to do it.
is the hacking worst with xbox or ps3?
I'm only against bad games and CoD is the current leader of bad. How is it trolling if I'm right? I swear you kids overuse the troll card because you don't have a decent argument.