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black ops

Posted by monster87, 17 February 2011 · 219 views

who actually likes black ops online?

also wats ur favorite CoD made so far

who actually likes black ops online?

also wats ur favorite CoD made so far
mine is CoD 4
Baked cod
i prefer catfish
stop!!! you know what i meant and incase you didnt imeant Call of Duty
not a fish
I'm more of a flounder kind of guy, maybe cause its cheap.
Mine has to be WAW. :)
yep. Black Ops is def the best of the COD series. especially online.
although many will disagree, usually people i meet agree. must be a ny thing?
The fish jokes are because we're trying to convince the kiddies to stop buying these terrible games. Great companies are going out of business (or have already) while Activision and other equally awful companies shovel this yearly BS on us. They aren't good.
there's an h in what
Activision gave me cod blops so I think I'll sue them to make them go out of business.
Lol, whatever it takes.
Go home
I enjoy it. I don't know where all the hate comes from.
It sucks. Go buy Marvel VS Capcom 3.
Marvel VS Capcom 3 is old go get Super Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Super Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is for losers.

Get Super Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Arcade Edition instead.
I enjoyed CoD 4 MW and MW2 for what they were...but for the life of me I just cant get into Blops. It is not really enjoyable for me at all. The maps are small and uninspiring. The graphics are uninspiring just like the perks, and I dont really care for the zombie crap that they seem to enjoy hyping up and spewing out...

Its like they tried to make up for their shortcomings by giving you some zombies and a dinky little RC car with explosives on it for you to play with. And if I gotta hear Ice Cube's voice 1 more freaking time I am gonna go ballistic. That has got to be the most annoying sound in the world - to hear Ice Cube's voice sample barking at me over and over as I play the game online. Anyway, thats enough bitching for 1 day. I cant wait for Battlefield 3.
redring pretty much nailed it. The perks are worthless and stripped so much playability from MW2. The graphics are shockingly bad. The designing of your title/emblem is the dumbest idea ever. I wasn't into the zombie stuff. MW2 is minimally 100000000 times better.
Pff where are your balls people? i know im not the only one playing black ops and who thinks the game destroys modern warfare:/