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Major Changes for Xbox One

Posted by tylerh1701, in Xbox One 19 June 2013 · 767 views

As everyone has probably heard by now, Microsoft is pretty much doing a 180 on a lot of their policies for the Xbox One, including regarding online check-ins every 24 hours (gone) and used games (no restrictions).

I'm not going to get into the changes too much here, just my initial reactions. I'm happy for the most part, this puts Xbox One back on my radar down the road. I was never going to get it at launch, and the PS4 is still quite a bit ahead of the Xbox One based on my more pleasant experiences with Sony over the last 18 months (this includes PS+, PS4's Remote Play functions with the Vita, Sony's bigger focus on indie games, and the cheaper launch price). But I am a little bit disappointed in one thing, now we're not going to find out how the Xbox One Family Sharing policy was really going to work. It was very intriguing sounding, and I was excited to find out all the details about it.

So what are everyone else's thoughts?

I thought they would have to do it or drop the price. I really doubt the Xbox One would have sold that well if they didn't do anything. I thought they would release the Xbox One and if it didn't sell what they wanted then they would have done this, but its good that they already went this route.

I can't believe it to be honest that Microsoft finally listened or maybe they thought it would flip since people was complainging so much about this issue.

I wasn't going to buy a Xbox One at all. Now I'll get one eventually for Killer Instinct and Gears Of War. *assuming there will be more Gears*

Interesting stuff is starting to spill wrt the 'family plan' - purportedly it was only going to be a timed full demo system where you could 'share' the games with up to 9 or 10 or whatever other people, but you wouldn't be able to complete the game (or earn achievements or other things?).  Pretty weird, if that's the case probably good that it got ditched.


Glad I'll be able to pick it up one day and play... whatever isn't on the PS4 I guess.  And the consumer winning is always a good thing no matter what.  Good news all around.

I read that earlier today @handsomepete.  Wombat actually tweeted about it and that's where I first saw it.  Haha a timed demo?  When that news would have been revealed, everyone would have shit.  What a worthless feature!