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Posted by tylerh1701, 01 July 2013 · 542 views

Why are blog posts being deleted off the front page?

EDIT: So it looks like when you publish a new blog entry, if you have any other blog entries on the front "Dashboard" page, they are removed from view (but can still be accessed on the sidebar or other methods). For example, my previous blog about Air Conditioning could be viewed on the front "Dashboard" page right below DaddyBoJangles' "WRUP this weekend?" post. Now that I've published this new entry, my Air Conditioning post has been removed from the front dashboard page.

Just a heads up to other bloggers, there's no point in churning out several posts in a row, because you're essentially burying your most recent post every time you submit a new one.

Yeah, I noticed this shortly after the blogs returned when I posted a comment in someone's blog, then went back the next day to see if there were any more comments and couldn't find the blog post. I eventually found it, but it's just one more change I'm not crazy about here. I'm trying to stay positive and patient, but after 10 years of practically living on this site, I find myself checking in for about 2-3 minutes a day now. Goddamn, I miss CAG 2.0.

Really?  I'm far to addicted to CAG to not basically live here at this point, regardless of how the site is.  I really don't think CAG 3.0 is all that far behind where CAG 2.0 was, in regards to what I use on the site anyway.

I can understand that. Maybe it's just that I'm old and set in my ways, don't really love change, or whatever. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this generation is winding down and I already have a backlog I'll never completely finish off, so I'm not looking to buy any games right now. As far as the new layout, I'm sure you could find lots of people who prefer the old way, and lots of people who prefer the new setup. I stopped checking in on John's CAG 3.0 update thread every day, so maybe there are new features I'd love if I knew about them. I'm too into games and too much of a cheapass to ever abandon the site; hopefully 3.0 will grow on me.