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Turning a Bad Purchase into a Decent Purchase

Posted by tylerh1701, in PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 02 July 2013 · 1823 views

The best thing about CAG is buying cheap games, that's for sure. But JP's Gamestop trade-in thread, the Best Buy Trade-in thread, and other similar threads also make it possible to sometimes get top dollar on the games you own.

Before I ever knew about CAG, I was still pretty cheap, but mostly did my shopping from weekly ads. Kmart had Alice: Madness Returns new for $34.99 one week a couple months after release, and I figured that was a good enough price for me. Especially since it came with the original American McGee's Alice.

So I bought the game, played the original Alice, felt a little burn out (the original Alice doesn't hold up great) and then put Madness Returns on hold. Push the clock forward about a year and Gamestop is offering $20 in-store credit for Madness Returns during one of their special promos. Even though I hadn't beat Madness Returns yet, I knew I'd be foolish to pass up this deal and I could grab it again later down the road for cheaper. So I traded it in.

Another few months pass and Madness Returns holds its price pretty firmly. Finally the Microsoft Store has it on sale for $9.99 + $3.xx shipping and taxes. So I figure $13.xx was a good enough price and I rebuy it, especially considering how strong resale value has held.

Then yesterday the PS Blog announced Madness Returns will be on sale digitally next week for $4! I'm like sweet, time to flip this game one more time. I had it listed on Amazon for about $17.50, but had no bites. Then I noticed in JP's Gamestop trade-in thread that the 360 version of the game is still netting $13 store credit. That's about what I'd see from Amazon after fees and shipping, so I just took it down there and traded it in again (Gamestop must really love that game!).

So, long story short, with a little help from CAG and Gamestop, I was able to turn a somewhat regrettable $37.xx purchase into a somewhat decent $21.xx purchase (math below). Goes to show that CAG can even help you take some of the sting off of a regrettable past purchase.

$37.xx - Original price + taxes from Kmart
-$20.00 - Trade in to Gamestop
$13.xx - Purchase from Microsoft store
-$13.00 - Trade in to Gamestop
$4.00 - Purchase from PSN

Total: $21.xx

this is really the key to successful cheapassery. buy at a reasonable discount early on, play it right away and ditch it high. fill your backlog with $5-$10 games and cheap digital stuff. This is what the 'I'll wait until it hits $20' crowd misses - the resell/trade value has generally plummeted by that point. I fyou don't resell/trade it doesn't matter much, but if you do buying early really helps.

Nowadays I'm in the "wait for $20 crowd" (I actually wait for $13 or less) and you're right, the resale/tradein value has usually tanked quite a bit by then.  However, if its a first time sale at that price, you can sometimes still play the game and get more than you paid for it.  I bought SR3 for $10 from Best Buy during a sale and resold it for almost $20.

Nice man, I own the game on my pc but I dont really enjoy it at all and I'd guess I'm about a third of the way through, so theres no way I'm finishing it soon

I haven't heard great things, specifically about the pacing and monotony of the game.  I love platformers though and the Alice lore is pretty cool.  So I'm hoping I enjoy it enough.