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Live Blogging GTA V [Spoilers]

Posted by tylerh1701, in PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 18 September 2013 · 1012 views

So I never buy games day 1 anymore, but I picked up GTA V with a $20 BB gamers club GC and hope to resell it in a week or so for at least $40, so hopefully it will turn into a cheap rental for me.

Anyways, this has been a pretty hyped game, so I figured I'd "liveblog" the start of the game and just mention some of the things that pop up to me. (Not really a live blog since I'm not going to continue to republish thoughts, I'll just publish it all after I'm done)

[7:00] Starting up the game, the 8+ GB install took quite a while, but finally getting going.

[7:03] Graphics look fine, but not outstanding. Which is fine, GTA has never really been about graphics in my opinion.

[7:06] To the first gunfight, and wanted to swap a few settings. Luckily everything I wanted to change was there:
  • Inverted look
  • Shut off auto-aim (why is this a default setting on so many games? To me it makes the game way too easy. I can aim by myself)
  • Change the reticle (the tiny white dot was way too tiny, especially against the white snow backdrop.)
  • Switch the aim/fire buttons to L1/R1 (I'm on PS3, and not a huge fan of L2/R2 for zooming and firing on most FPS and third person shooters)
[7:11] Driving for the first time, and the camera is way too low. Luckily there's a setting to set the driving camera higher as well. 10/10 on the settings menu, glad the developers thought of all this stuff ahead of time.

[7:13] Failed my first mission already. 2nd mission of the game, the driving one. I got too far behind the dude I was following. Partially to blame on the tutorials that keep popping up while I'm trying to drive. Driving and reading at the same time is hard.

[7:30] Beat the mission the 2nd time. Driving feels a lot better than in GTA IV, which kind of bugged me. Glad this feels a little bit better. First trophy, woohoo!

[7:35] One thing I loved about Sleeping Dogs is the arrows that popped up that told you where to turn. Wish they had implemented something like that in this game, it makes driving so much easier, makes it so you don't have to glance at the radar every few seconds.

[7:48] Sweet, smoked some weed.

[7:52] Interesting, seems like the game doesn't cut to a scene before getting a new mission. Seems like it sets you on a auto-walk for a second while the game loads the start of the mission. Keeps the immersion going, kind of cool.

[8:01] Wow, the shotgun sure has some range!

[8:03] I really like the idea of extra challenges within each mission. Like I said, I won't be keeping this game for all that long, but it kind of feels like there's just a shit-ton of content in this game. Completing each challenge for each mission would probably be a lot of fun and really encourage the replaying of missions, something that I've never been compelled to do before.

[8:15] Hittin' up a strip club. Finna' getta lap dance.

[8:17] Got thrown out for touching the dancers.

[8:27] Use stealth and takedowns to fill the blah blah blah meter. I attempt to try a take down using stealth, but caught by someone looking the complete opposite direction. Lame.

[8:34] Unlocked Michael. This character switching thing is gonna be pretty cool I think.

[8:35] Minor annoyance, but when you pause the game, you should be able to access the map right away. Not have to press "X" again to open the map screen. I've tried zooming in on the map about 5 times already before I remember I have to press "X" to get to the map screen first.

[9:00] Played for about 2 hours and it's time to take a break. Fun game so far. I've never been a huge GTA fan, especially as they expand the games to be bigger and bigger and bigger. But I think I'll get enough enjoyment out of GTA V for the new few days.