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Xbox 360 Ban: The Aftermath

Posted by tylerh1701, in Xbox 360, Xbox One 14 October 2013 · 2025 views

As some of you readers probably know, I was recently console and account banned by Microsoft. You can read about why it happened here and you can read about the affects of the ban here. This final part of this series is just to talk about the aftermath of the ban and what I'm doing now, game-wise.

So I did post on the Xbox 360 ban boards, but honestly it wasn't worth the time I spent creating the new account and typing out the post. I just got the normal cut-and-paste reply they give everyone who is banned and that was it. I really don't have much desire left to plead my case, mostly because Microsoft's system is so closed and unforgiving that I really feel that I would never actually succeed. So my ban will stand until the year 9999 and there's very little I can do about that.

As for my 360, I've decided to keep it for now. As I mentioned in The Damage section of this blog series, I still have many many unplayed XBLA games downloaded to my hard drive that, as far as I know, all still work. Sure, I can't connect to the internet anymore, but I can still play all the games locally (which is what I would have done anyway) and still earn achievements in the games. I just finished up Call of Juarez: Gunslinger this weekend, pretty fun game.

As for Gamerscore, I was right around 72,000 GS before the ban. Not the highest score you'll ever see, but nothing to shake a stick at either. Luckily for me my Gamerscore was not reset my Microsoft during the ban. So I can still unlock achievements and add to my Gamerscore, but I can no longer upload any of that information to an Xbox server, therefore the only place that will accurately reflect my real Gamerscore is my console. So no more sharing my Gamerscore, but I've never really gotten achievements to show them off. I enjoy them because they provide a full gaming history of what I've done on my Xbox since I've owned it in 2009. And luckily I'll still be able to enjoy that, and I was able to create a "homemade" Gamercard that some of you may have seen in my signature on posts that I make.

For the Xbox 360 console games I own, I've started clearing out the ones that still retain any value. Between trading in at Best Buy and selling on Amazon, I've cleared out about 25 games, including Crysis 3, Dragon's Dogma, Halo Anniversary, Mass Effect 3, Red Dead Redemption, and a lot more. I'm close to $300 in profit, so that's been nice. I plan on rebuying several of the unplayed games on PlayStation 3 when I see them for the right price. Luckily a lot of the older games like Prince of Persia and Mass Effect 2 and 3 are well below $10 at this point so I can scoop them up. I'm still going to have a lot of basically worthless 360 games on my shelf that I'm not sure what I'll do with. I'd like to play through most of them over time, but trade in and sales values are so low that I just may donate the games when I'm done with them. I'm just not sure what else to do with them, and once I do sell or get rid of my 360 there's no point in holding on to them.

When it comes to Microsoft, I'm done with them as much as possible. I've been pretty pro-PlayStation for the last couple years, mostly thanks to their far better community support (with programs like PlayStation Plus and focus on indie games) and the fact that they've still focused on exclusives (as opposed to Microsoft's wasted focus on Kinect, and then nothing). I've owned a PS3 almost as long as I've owned an Xbox 360 and over the last year I've played my PS3 probably twice as much as my 360. Obviously that percentage is going to increase even more now. Luckily because of this (and because of Gamefly sales where PS3 is the obvious choice to buy due to disc durability) I own most of the recent great multiplatform games on PS3 anyway. That will be really helpful in my transition to Sony-only.

Xbox One was never on the top of my "want list", but I knew I'd pick one up later down the line. But now that I've lost my account, there's no way that's going to happen. I was always going to be a PS4-first gamer for the next generation, but now I'll be a PS4-only gamer next gen. I'm actually looking forward to not being a multi-console gamer next generation, it will help control my backlog.

I was actually a pretty pro-Windows Phone guy before this ban though. I had an HTC Arrive from Sprint for the last couple years and I had over 100 Xbox games on that as well. I actually still like Windows Phone, the Xbox-enabled games, and the operating system, but no way I'm supporting Microsoft by buying another one. I was actually on the verge of buying a Samsung ATIV S Neo, but the price was just a little bit too high for my liking. I guess I'm lucky I got banned before the ATIV S Neo ever went on sale, because I would have hated to be stuck with that phone for 2 years. Instead I picked up a $0.99 Galaxy S3 and have really enjoyed it so far. It's very different, but still does everything I need it to do. And the app selection is about 1000x better.

As some of you may know, I was actually the OP of the "Xbox Live Deals Thread" here on CAG when I was banned. Since the ban I decided I really don't have the ambition to keep the thread running since it was supporting Microsoft and also I was basically updating a ton of content that I couldn't actually buy. So I passed the thread duties on to BobbyTastic who will certainly do a great job, and I still actually hang out in the thread from time to time because it's a pretty cool community over there.

The rest of what Microsoft publishes I'm kind of just stuck with. I really don't like Apple so I'll be sticking with Windows, and and I'll be using Microsoft Office for the foreseeable future. But beyond that I'm finding myself to be pretty anti-Microsoft anymore. I know one guy not buying a couple MS products isn't going to prove anything, but for me it feels good to just disconnect with MS as much as possible since I still feel like I was treated pretty unfairly. Over the next year I'll play out the rest of my 360 backlog and happily become a Sony guy when it comes to gaming. My brother has expressed interest in buying my 360 in the future (he's a casual gamer with just an N64 right now, so getting a super cheap 360 and a bunch of pre-installed games is right up his alley) so more than likely I'll just sell it to him once I clear out the backlog.

So, that's about it. If you read all this, thanks. I think I covered pretty much everything, but if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment or just PM me.

I used to be 100% Microsoft over Sony until Summer 2011. I tried to sign onto XBL one day to get a message that my password had been changed...news to me. I tried all passwords I knew, and couldn't get on. I was finally able to reset via the website, only to realize once I logged in that my balance of 6500 MS Points had been wiped clean. Checking my purchase history, I was able to find that I bought a crap ton of FIFA 11 Ultimate Team packs. I called MS, gave them the story of how my account was obviously tampered with, then shut down my ID and console for 3 weeks while they investigated. I couldn't log in on my own account, on the console or the website, and no other account could get online via my console. Ultimately, they determined there was some suspicious activity, and refunded me all my points, plus gave me a free month of Live.


Fast forward two months, and the same thing happened. Except this time, when I called MS, and they asked for my console ID, which I had to turn the system on to obtain, I was greeted with an E75 error. I gave him everything else I could, and traded the broken console that night to GameStop. I avoided buying another Xbox since I still had my PS3, and my plan was to wait to see what happened. Three weeks later, they got back to me telling me this time there was no suspicious activity, and they couldn't do anything for me. I was pretty steamed.


I never fought it, or tried to reopen the ticket, and maybe that's something I should have done, but I didn't want to deal with it anymore. Not long after, some website (I believe Kotaku) ran an article about this very issue, and how Microsoft refuses to address it, despite it running rampant and affecting many users.


If I didn't like their phones so much, I'd be 100% against MS.


Anyways, sorry to take over your blog with a mini-rant of my own. I enjoyed the stunning conclusion. Now at least you'll be able to use some of that $300ish to pay off a PS4 if you're going that route in the near future.

Wow, I luckily never had any issues with those FIFA Ultimate Team packs that were going on a few years back.  It was definitely a huge deal and I have no idea how Microsoft's reputation came away so unscathed from that, yet the PSN outage from a couple years back is still brought up regularly.  Accounts and money were getting stolen regularly and there was even credit card fraud going on.  


MS customer support is just dreadful, it's painful to have to deal with them.  They have no concept of loyalty to their customers.  The MS Store once shipped me two copies of Dragon's Dogma and Witcher 2 and charged me twice, even though I only submitted one order and only received one order confirmation.  I just traded in the extra copies rather than try and get a refund because I knew how painful it would be.


It also reminds me of an issue I had with them unfairly charging me for some Dance Central content.  I'm pretty sure I still have that whole email transcript somewhere, if I find it I'll probably post it as well haha.

I wrote a response and it vanished?  Feh.  Anyhoo...


thanks for finishing up the epic tale, good read.  As a result of this whole thing I've decided I'm ready to abandon my gamertag, digital goods and ms points bank account and walk away from xbox entirely.  I might give my gt to a friend so it doesn't go completely to waste (as he does enjoy fighting games and I think I have most of the good'uns digitally), but yeah - screw it, I'll be glad to be back to a one console life.  hell, maybe I'll pick up a wiiu someday.

I wrote a response and it vanished?  Feh.  Anyhoo...


thanks for finishing up the epic tale, good read.  As a result of this whole thing I've decided I'm ready to abandon my gamertag, digital goods and ms points bank account and walk away from xbox entirely.  I might give my gt to a friend so it doesn't go completely to waste (as he does enjoy fighting games and I think I have most of the good'uns digitally), but yeah - screw it, I'll be glad to be back to a one console life.  hell, maybe I'll pick up a wiiu someday.


Haha, shockingly, thanks to this MS ban, the WiiU is now back on my radar.  I never really thought I'd say that...

Microsoft has just been so mis-guided for too long now. It's not right that there is no clear cut path for account remediation. After playing more on the PS3 for at least the past year or two I'm a lot happier with what they are offering. Honestly as a PS3, PS Vita, and soon to be PS4 owner I wouldn't really feel "left out" if I didn't own any other consoles. I feel like the people running the xbox division at this point don't have a clue. It was obvious from all the backpedaling after e3. I'm hoping to finish up what I have to play on the 360 as well and get rid of it at some point too.

I feel for you dawg

Welcome to Sony, bro! Your back from the dark side.

Sorry to hear about your mess captaintek.  I think most of us with the recent ban just saw the writing on the wall.  MS doesn't care about us.  Hell, I'm convinced that some of the people responding in that MS Deal of the week thread WERE MS employees the way they were talking.  "Yeah goodbye, MS doesn't need you and your 200+ games you've PURCHASED."  Yeah goodluck with that mindset going forward MS.  


I plan on picking up a PS3 as soon as I can justify the cost (Black Friday perhaps).  Been looking into the 2DS for the kids...


I guess I just don't understand the business decision....ban consoles and some will buy a new one and give you back the money you lost in the "free" games...but pushing customers away that have purchased many different MS products over the years is a short term gain long term loss.  I remember when Nintendo was king of video games and Sega made consoles...things change.  With these tactics, MS won't stay on top.  

at least the ps4 will take your mind off it soon enough.  


i get angry over this and i don't even have an xbla account;  i just think about how i'd feel if Sony banned my account over something like that, and I know i'd lose my mind.   Thankfully, Sony doesn't do that... but if they did, I don't think I'd buy digital.   The thought that MS was trying to go all digital just makes me shake my head.


It's nice looking at the massive digital library i have on ps3 and vita and knowing it's safe, despite the fact that i've gameshared in the past, etc.   At least Sony understands I throw a lot of money at them and their pubs/devs.

This is one of several reasons the future of digital distribution concerns me.

In terms of the computer side I would ditch MS as well and go with a custom built PC to second hand and use any flavor of Linux that suits you.  As for office LibreOffice or Openoffice is just as good as MS office.  Especially compared to 2013.  Takes a bit to get used to and a little more skill but I see that only as a good thing to learn.  Of course the game selection is not that good but there are options...


I share your sentiment about Apple and since OSX is just a customized Linux distro so, why not Linux. 


I say this coming from a person that makes a living using and managing a native Windows network.  Just because I use it everyday does not mean I have to be a slave to the MS machine.