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What Shows Should I Watch on HBO GO?

Posted by tylerh1701, 06 November 2013 · 14098 views

So a couple months ago Comcast hooked me up with a Cable and Internet package for $50/month for 6 months. I later found out that my "cable" package was basically just all the channels I get with my antenna, so that was a complete bust. But still, internet alone for $50/month is not a bad deal. I was also informed I get HBO free for 6 months, and it also means I have access to HBO Go for 6 months as well.

Well I just checked out HBO Go a few weeks ago and turns out it is extremely awesome! As far as I can tell, every episode of every original show they have is on there, as well as a ton of movies. So now that begs the question, what is worth watching?

I enjoy watching TV, but I also enjoy gaming and other stuff too so I don't want to spend every day of the next 4 months grinding through everything HBO offers. So I'm trying to decide what is "must-watch" and what I can pass on. Here's everything I'm considering and everything I've already seen:

Already Seen:

The Sopranos
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Flight of the Conchords


Band of Brothers
Big Love
Boardwalk Empire
Bored to Death
Eastbound & Down
Family Tree
Game of Thrones
The Newsroom
Six Feet Under
The Wire

Obviously I've got a few personal preferences in there that I'd really like to check out, but I'm interested to see if anyone else has any recommendations for me. Also let me know if I'm not considering something that you think is great.

Not sure who that is, but nice.