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My Favorite and Least Favorite Games of 2014

Posted by tylerh1701, 22 December 2014 · 993 views

Keep in mind that these games are ones I played in 2014, they weren't necessarily released in 2014. Full list of nominees can be found below.

Top 10 Games Play in 2014:

10. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - I never played the original, but this remastered version had some great platforming and even better settings.

9. Velocity 2X - The platforming sections didn't always click for me, but the game was still a blast to play from start to finish.

8. Metrico - Amazing little indie platformer for the Vita that was able to take Vita functionality and implement it in fun, interesting, and unique ways.

7. Far Cry 3 - Had a great time clearing outposts and sniping sharks off of my boat.

6. Fable Anniversary - Never played the game before, was a great action adventure with an intriguing story.

5. Shadow of Mordor - Better combat than Arkham and better platforming/exploration than Assassin's Creed. Upgrades made the game more fun as I moved through the main campaign.

4. South Park: Stick of Truth - Gameplay wasn't top-notch but that was made up for with the amazing art style and hilarious story and settings.

3. Shadow Warrior - U want some wang? Addictive sword and gunplay, it never got old slashing enemies to shreds.

2. Rogue Legacy - Pure side scrolling action bliss. Tough but fair challenge and extremely addictive.

1. Spelunky - Spelunky is better than you.

Bottom 10 Games Played in 2014:

10. Child of Light - Dull combat system, inane rhyming scheme, way too much to explore way too early in the game.

9. Superfrog - Why did I buy this? I'm a dumbass.

8. Fable Heroes - Super mundane beat em up. A waste of a few hours.

7. Surgeon Simulator - All it did (beside infuriate me) was make me yearn for a new Trauma Center or real surgery-style game.

6. Putty Squad - Offensively ugly to the point that the background interferes with gameplay. Disgusting level design.

5. Doki Doki Universe - Stupid premise for a stupid game.

4. Dyad - Eye melting visuals mixed with overly tough, frustrating, and above all boring gameplay.

3. Ratchet & Clank All 4 One - Even Best Friends Gang couldn't make this game the least bit enjoyable.

2. Thief - A great walking around simulator with obnoxious stealth elements.

1. Proteus - By a wide margin was the worst "game" I played this year.

All nominees:


I was bracing to see some game that I love show up in your Bottom 10 list, but nope, never played a single one of them.  Intentionally avoided a few of them.  The games in your Top 10 that I've played- Far Cry 3, South Park :TSoT, Velocity 2X, and Spelunky, were all games that I enjoyed a lot, too.  And yeah, Spelunky is better than me.  It kicked my ass early and often, but I kept going back to it for quite a while.

Yeah I'm still going back to Spelunky a lot.  It's dug its nails into me.  I actually couldn't stand it when I had it on 360, but got back into it with its PS4 release and watched a few good runs to learn some good tips and now I love it.  Just got the last trophy (Speedlunky) a couple weeks ago.

Spelunky is awesome.  I'm hooked on the daily challenges too, now.  Every time I do a run and see I placed higher than Tyler, I get excited.. of course, that happens pretty rarely. ;)


Haven't played Proteus myself, but from skimming a YouTube video, it looks like it could give Thomas Was Alone a run for its money in the "shallow, egotistical games about shapes trying to be deep" genre.

Yeah I've seen youre name on there quite a bit.  I don't have a whole lot of PSN friends doing the challenges regularly so it's cool to see some people on there.  Last couple days I've had pretty bad runs.


Proteus is just awful.  Got it free with Plus and played it for about 45 minutes to get a few trophies and see what it was all about.  It really is pretentious garbage.

Almost everything in your "Best Of" is in my backlog. Fantastic group of titles. In terms of the "Worst Of", I've only played Proteus. I only played it for about 10 minutes. It gave me a headache.

I played a few games on your list. 

Best 10

10.  Had a good time with this.  Mostly played it with my 6 yr old daughter.  We got pretty far but have been stuck on the same level for a while.  Still on  my HD. 

9. N/A

8. N/A

7.  Rented this one from Redbox a few times when they had it.  Had a good time with this and completed quite a few trophies.  Ended up buying it used and is sitting in backlog.  Plan on returning to it some day.

6.  N/A

5.  Really want to try this one.  Waiting for cheap price and PS4.

4.  Another Redbox rental.  Wanted to like this and rented it multiple times.  Love the setting and humor.  What I don't like is the repetitive turn based battles.  Not much variety going on.  BTW going to Book of Mormon in 2015 and can't wait.

3.  N/A

2.  N/A

1.  Spelunky is a blast.  I couldn't rank it this high but I admit it's better than me.  Got this for free with plus and having been playing quite a bit recently. My 6 yr old is the one always asking to play.  I've learned to enjoy the challenge.  I don't know how anyone can finish that game in under 8 minutes.  That is amazing to me.  We can't even make it past the jungle.  Still on HD and will remain in library.


Worst 10

Try to stay away from bad games.  Don't have time for them.  Did play 4,3 and 1 from your list all free with plus.  Dyad and Proteus both horrible.  R&C was enjoyable for a few minutes but we always choose other games to play over this one for 4 player action.  Rayman Origins and LBP 1&2 are the go to 4 player games in our house.


Few games from your list you played I enjoyed and would consider best of material.


Evil Within.  Rented from Redbox and had a couple fun nights.  Going to buy at $10.


Watch Dogs.  Redbox rental but just picked this up cheap I enjoyed it so much.  Had a great time getting the historic spot / sightseeing trophy.  Has pretty decent open world gameplay and driving.  Chicago setting is cool also.


SR3.  Played quite a bit of this but never completed many of the main missions.  Mostly I just caused chaos and had a blast doing it.  Had a great time always calling CheapyD to help.  You did remember the free CheapyD pack right?  Cool car customization and once you stole it you put it in your garage and always have access to them.


Tomb Raider.  Played some of this free with plus.  Loving it so far just have a big backlog I am working on with limited gaming time.  This seems like a best of candidate.  Why didn't this or Uncharted 3 make your list?  Both seem like great AAA titles.


TJ & Earl.  Played this originally on SEGA back when it first came out.  Haven't played it since.  I remember having fun with this.  Problem is some of these old games don't hold up well.  What did you think of this game?


Best game I played this year was AC Black Flag.  Great open world adventure.


Worst game.  Hard to say I usually erase and forget about the worst.  It was something from plus for sure.  I'll go with Payday 3.  I tried to enjoy it but it was a complete waste of time in a bad way.  I feel sorry for anyone who bought that game at release.  Even for free I was disappointed.


Thanks for the list Tyler.