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GTA V: Simply Amazing

Posted by soliddragon, 18 September 2013 · 1112 views

Besides the known; Open world, variety, story. This game is simply amazing, not only does it look fantastic, but it's jam packed with the all the little bonuses that just puts it over the top. First, the graphics, I mean for a friggin 360 game, I really though that the ads we'd seen before release were running on a PC build or something. But nope, this bad boy looks awesome, sharp texture, fantastic draw distance!

What really gets me, is the amount of additional love (attention to detail) that Rockstar has given, is head and shoulders beyond any game out. I mean, I thought Forza had a great online system, where you can share photos, replays and the such. GTA V goes above and beyond, for crying out loud, it has a freaking real Stock Market!!

I mean GTA Online isn't even out yet, so I can only imagine how its gonna be after that. But right now via the single player, you can upload your cell phone pics in game to the Rockstar social club, (I'm looking at a bunch of 'selfies' from the main characters online right now) and share and comment on them online. The Social club even tracks your progress online ala Halo! I also love that you can tag songs from the radio station and then listen to the songs on the web via Spotify. This is so cool.

Sorry for the fanboy rant, but I just really appreciate the extra effort by Rockstar. If you dont have this game yet, what the hell are you waiting for, RUN!

I'm liking the game a lot but damn I would love to play this in 1080p with less jaggies.

I picked it up Tuesday morning, but my schedule during my work week means very little time for gaming, so I've maybe put in an hour and a half so far.  I like what I've seen even with that small sample, but I can't wait to get a chance to really dig into it this weekend.

I've logged about 13 hours in two full days. Wow. I barely realized I'd played that long. Can't wait until GTA Online is out. I'd say I've probably completed about 20 of the 69 main missions