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Wii Retrospective: Six Years of Gaming Goodness

Posted by Billytwoshoes, 15 November 2012 · 2619 views

For CAGs who already frequent the Wii section of the forums, or those who check out the lists every now and then, will already know about my retrospective lists on the Wii lifespan for each year. What started out as a simple comparison of what I though was the best year ever for the platform (2010), I was compelled to compare that against every other year available, just to see how the others stacked up.

For those who are unfamiliar to the Wii (or have set up a perma-ignore on all things Nintendo for various reasons), I think the lists prove quite useful to find the best titles the console has to offer, as well as a brief rundown of each year at a glance. Since many soon to be owners of the Wii U console do not own its predecessor, this can serve as a reference check list of the best backwards compatible games worth your time, with all genres represented as equally as possible (or at least I think so).

I really had a lot of fun making the lists, and have essentially created my own 'To Play' table for the years to come. This is not a fanboy list, out to prove that the Wii was the best console available (that really is all up to a matter of personal preference), but really a list for pure gamers, who want to get the most out of any console they own. I hope people will get as much fun / utility out of the lists as possible, as the Wii will soon officially become a retro console.

As all my lists end with, if you had a personal favorite that was not mentioned in these lists, feel free to add them into the comments below, as they are not 100% definitive (not by a long shot).

Wii Retrospect 2006

Wii Retrospect 2007

Wii Retrospect 2008

Wii Retrospect 2009

Wii Retrospect 2010

Wii Retrospect 2011

Wii Retrospect 2012+

Nice write up.
Awesome job on the list!

I managed to find four additional games to add to my Christmas list... I'm sure my family thanks you :D
Always thought the Wii had been underrated.
Well, I don't know about underrated. It was the most popular and profitable system this hardware cycle, after all. I think that there were quite a few games that flew under the radar for the Wii. They either didn't get the marketing or attention they deserved at the time. The Wii was known for hosting an avalanche of shovel-ware, and in a mess like that sometimes things get lost in the mix.

The upside of this is that there are now quite a few deserving titles that can be had for a song if you just know what to look for. I picked up five solid Wii titles the other night for $33. Right now is one of the best times to fill out your Wii collection, while the titles for it are still in plentiful supply at used game stores. 2-3 years from now all those obscure Wii titles are going to be gone from store shelves, and the value on the more thinly printed runs is going to go way up.
Good job on the lists. There are a lot of really great games for the Wii, depending on what you like. And yeah, do get Sonic Colors. IMO, it might be the best 3D Sonic ever made, on any system.

One recommendation i have for a game to add would be Shiren the Wanderer, a mystery dungeon that's somewhat more hardcore than Chocobo's Dungeon.
And yet, in those 7 years... not a single Starfox game came out for the Wii. All we got was a pretty terrible DS game, and a port of the N64 one on 3DS.

Booooooooo Nintendo.
Did you really want another "Starfox Adventures"? Let the series lie fallow for a few years, it's certainly better than beating it to death. Perhaps we will see a revisit to the series on the Wii U. For now I can't really blame them for going easy on Fox and company. They waited a long time in reviving the Metroid series, but the end result was Metroid Prime. I'm willing to be patient if they are able to treat Starfox similarly.

I have found that the Rune Factory Wii entries are a bit harder to come by.