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Is anyone else skipping the fight to night?

Posted by Danger Zone: Archer, 14 September 2013 · 778 views

I was invited by my friends to go watch the fight at a sports bar tonight, but i'm totally skipping. I'm going to stay home tonight and do some homework. Everyone knows who's going to win. Its going to be Maybitch. We should all know Maybitch's matches are all bought. The judges are going to decide match by points like they always. What pisses me off more that Maybitch actually thinks he's good fighter. The dude sucks, he can kick my ass, but not another boxer. When was the last time you heard Maybitch win a match by K.O.

Is anyone is skipping it?

I am not a huge fan of him as a person but his ability to box is undeniable. His speed is unmatched. He fought a guy 13 years younger than him and 15 pounds heavier. What else does he need to do, fight a bear? I assume people who just say he sucks haven't actually watched one of his matches and seen him dissect his opponents. Is he a knock-out artist? No. But his defense, speed and record speak for themselves.

Also, he bought 45 wins including 26 KOs?

Like Indifference, I'm definitely not a fan of Mayweather (who is?) but you can't deny his abilities.  Obviously he doesn't garner a lot of fans because he's never flashy and never shows even a semblance of knockout power (though I'm sure he has it).  He's a IQ fighter, and yeah, that's usually pretty boring.


And let's not forget Mayweather's marvelous knockout versus Victor Ortiz.  LOL



There is a lot more to boxing than just K.O.s. And you should probably do you research before just blindly saying "his matches are bought." Those types of claims need to be followed up with hard, undeniable evidence, of which I am sure there is very little if any. 

Money's reaction to the idiot judge who called this fight a draw proves it wasn't 'bought.' Mayweather just puts on boxing clinics every time he's in the ring. Nobody can touch him...did you hear Canelo's post match interview? If not you should...listen to what a previously undefeated (42-0-1) champion had to say.

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