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PS4 Wobblegate

Posted by hunterny77, 17 November 2013 · 815 views

Numerous gaming sites are stating that the PS4 wobbles when pushed down. Even videos have been made with "video game journalist" rocking the PS4 with their fingers.

Some have even gone as far to state that the disc inside the tray may be damaged by the system wobbling while in use. No scientific studies have confirmed this:)~

My "brain dropping" on this subject is... Really! Really! Ummm...Really! Make a none issue into an issue.

Fact of matter is the PS4 does wobble if you put force on it. But, who is going to be playing a game and wobbling their PS4. Once you set up your system and place it in you entertainment system your not likely to ever handle it, unless your cleaning or dusting your system or any other console for that manner not Iincluding handhelds of course.

This Wobblegate is comparable to "Tipovergate" for Wii U. Tipovergate is when you apply pressure with your hand to the side of your Wii U when it's placed on vertically and the system tips over.

Tipovergate never existed even though if you did apply pressure to the side of a vertically standing Wii U, Wii, PS3, PS4 it will fall over. Hence the BS with the wobbling PS4 is a ridiculous way to garner website hits for tabloid journalism.

Does a game spinning in the disc drive cause the system to continually wobble?  But yeah, stick a coaster under it.

Turning non-issues into issues is how video game media rake in the clicks.  Same thing happens in sports and world news and pretty much every other area that media is involved.  The issues are usually completely manufactured.

Does a game spinning in the disc drive cause the system to continually wobble? But yeah, stick a coaster under it.

The PS4 requires complete game installs so there is minimal disc spinning while playing the game.

Also, the two thirds of the console where the disc drive is located is supported with the rubber feet. The PS4 only wobbles if pressure is put on the left side of the console.

The PS4 does not wobble on its own or when a disc is accessed in the tray. That's why Wobblegate is a none issue made to be one by game journalist and others.

Thanks for your comment Adobe Jobes. I hope I answered your question.

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