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Lowball REVITALIZATION Event! ~ One Ball to Rule Them All

Posted by dv8mad, 13 January 2018 · 2600 views

Hello CAG Pals,


Once again, I am coming to you with a lowball, but this time, I want to invite some others to take part as well. I know there are plenty of you that are "old school" CAGs and are well aware of the lowball format. HOwever, for those of you new to the game...


It seems, that over the past few years, the lowball forum has languished in disrepair! I say this in just about every lowball related area in one form or another, but that will not keep me from saying it again - lowballs are to the benefit of not only the sellers, but the buyers and CAG community as a whole. There is, in my opinion, absolutely no better way to get a good deal on a load of stuff and have a fun, exciting experience while doing so.


Perhaps you can buy Brain Exploders Plus Alpha Infinite Reload Limited Edition PS5 Version from some guy's tradelist for $80, but how exciting is it to spend days eyeballing a copy in a lowball and be able to swoop in and grab it on the last day for only $77?!?!?


Trust me, it's more fun than it sounds.


Give a lowball a shot! If you meet the requirements for mine (or do not but I know and trust you), take part in mine and help give lowballs a shot in the arm.
If you do not meet those requirements, try holding one of your own.


That said, I would like to copy/paste a comment that I left in a recent lowball thread that I hope will illustrate my viewpoint on the methodology of holding a successful lowball.


It's all about getting the word out, firstly, and secondly, it's about quality. I have seen too many lowballs with two old bargain bin Wii games and a bunch of assorted bits and pieces of gaming related things.


I think if quite a few lowballs were up and running with good, quality stuff (those bargain bin Wii games and bits and pieces mentioned above are GREAT as long as they are complimentary to something and not the main attraction) and the people holding them kept their regular trade lists bumped directing people here, made blog posts or, heck, even tossed it up on social media, I think things would get better.


You can't just hold a lowball and hope people show up.


If you open a dollar store with no advertising, a few people will swing by and there is your business.


If you open a dollar store and spend a bunch of time and money on advertising, you will get more customers, but it's still JUST A DOLLAR STORE! Good luck turning a profit.


You need to open a specialty store with specialty items and get it marketed to the right group of people.


Then, you will have yourself a successful venture.


To summarize, add some things to your lowball that people will want. Some items worthy of a small bidding war. And GET THE WORD OUT!




Have something you want to sell in a lowball? Post in this thread or PM me and let's get it worked out. There are a few criteria that must be met in order to participate in this event. If you meet them and want to join, go for it!


*Must have AT LEAST 100 feedback points on CAG (exceptions made at my discretion for those I know well)
*Must be willing to ship worldwide at actual cost
*Must be willing to follow and adhere to all standard lowball rules


I will collect the list and, for the most part, keep it updated. I expect participants to be willing to advertise the heck out of the sale to ensure we all have a good turn out and, hopefully, bring lowballs back from the brink!


FYI, a new thread will be made in order to allow me to reserves the first 3-5 posts to ensure I have the space to get everything properly listed.


Tentative start date is before the end of January, so contact me soon so I can get to work.


1) Simply type in your max bid for the item(s) in this thread. No PMs. No Emails. Just reply in the forum reply section. This is to keep bids public. Obviously post edits and spoilers hiding bids are NOT acceptable. If you made a mistake in your submission, please post again.
2) I will update the first page to reflect your bids as often as possible. Feel free to check the latest bids on the last page(s) if you are unsure of the latest update time.
3) There is no minimum to win any item. You can win them for as little as you bid. So if you bid $1.00 and win it, it's yours for a $1.00 (plus shipping). If someone bids $5 and you outbid them for $10, you may win the item for your $10 bid and pay your bid plus shipping at the end of the sale.
4) The smallest bid increment is $.50, no $.10 or $.01 bids!
5) Please note that you will be expected to pay the amount you bid plus appropriate shipping if you have the highest offer at the end. Negative feedback will be left for those who choose not to follow through with payment.
6) If you place a bid, you are committing to that item. DO NOT place a bid if you do not intend to keep that bid active. While I understand that sometimes unavoidable circumstances arise, if you are fearful that this may happen, please wait to bid on the last day so you know that nothing unexpected occurred!
7) All bids are welcome (excluding bids from CAGs on my Negative Experience List).
8) CAGs with over 100 positive itrader at 100% are eligible for shipment before full payment if requested. Please ask if you do not feel safe bidding.


Ending the Auction:
I will NOT be posting the exact ending time, but I will tell you it will end sometime late (EST) on ?-?-18 or possibly even very early (EST) on ?-?-18. Once I post saying AUCTION OVER - NO MORE BIDS ACCEPTED, that is it and nothing further will count.


Items won in my lowball always ship at actual cost.*
* This will be the first lowball in which I try a new method. I will be posting weights on each item to help you determine what items you can combine to keep your shipping options best. For example, shipping a 1.97kg package would cost approximately $20~24 and would typically arrive within 10 business days. Shipping a package only 40 grams more at 2.01kg would cost approximately $38~52 for the same service. Due to this, many people that have large packages want to choose Surface, and while it often arrives in about a month, it can sometimes take monthS to get to its destination. I think you can see that a package under 2kg is often in your best interest, sometimes even two small packages is a better deal than a single large package and almost always arrives sooner unless you like to splurge on EMS (which is a great shipping method BTW).


The following forms of payment are accepted:
~ Paypal (If you know me, gifting is appreciated, but if not, I will eat those fees.)
~ Money Order to friend in the U.S. via my good friend, TLP!


dv8mad's items;




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