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Posted by smartbombUK, 14 August 2013 · 548 views

CAG's Resident UK Gameshare Host

What you need to know!

This blog is solely for the purpose of explaining how my service works and how you can make my hosting service run a great deal smoother. Not much to it but please read it to make sure there's no confusion at my end.

So, I run a hosting service for PS3 gameshares that requires a UK based account. Here's how it works:

One of the CAGs that form part of the group you want me to host will message me about hosting. I will deal with this person alone. This person will gather the funds from the others and send the whole sum to me in a single transaction. I will set up the account, buy the content using my bank card and message the contact with the account details to distribute accordingly to their gameshare group. To confirm, I use my bank card, not PayPal. This means I can handle specific amounts that dont need to be rounded up to the nearest 5 or 10 meaning you pay only what you need to. It goes without saying that this is a free service but I still want to make it clear as I have been asked before if I charge for doing this, the answer is no and I never will.

Here's some pointers. Before asking me to be your host, make sure your familiar with these:
  • I like to handle the account from start to finish. This means I set up the email account too, I fully appreciate you may be saving me the time of doing it but I would much rather spend the extra 5 mins and be able to delete my billing information and intercept the transaction confirmation emails. If you do go ahead and set one up for me, i'll disregard it and set up my own one anyway.
  • It's the responsibility of the person asking me to host to gather the funds from the group and send them to me in one go so Im not sitting on 3 peoples payments while the 4th drags his feet.
  • When sending payment which is only ever by PayPal, ensure you send it in GBP. PayPal has a function that allows you to send money in a different currency to that of your native country and it ensures I get the correct amount without having to use a converter just to make sure.
  • I host one account per day. Last time I hosted 2 in quick succession Sony hammered my card suspecting fraudulent activity so to avoid this, it's one at a time.

Thats all for now, If I think of anything I may update this.

Thanks for your understanding :)

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