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Chasing my dream - A story of how I bought a video game store

Posted by RatedU4Ugly, in August 2013 12 August 2013 · 1359 views

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Hello everyone! This is one of the videos that we recorded to tell the back story of how I bought my video game store. I purchased this store May of 2013 and it has been my pride and joy since that moment. It's time to move to a retail location and I am trying to crowd fund a bit of the cost of opening a game store. I will be posting the Indie Go Go Campaign this week (Week of 8/12/13) and if you would like to help me then we have some really cool perks! Thank you to everyone that has viewed, shared and liked this video!

Bring an old friend back to life!

If you feel inclined to help me achieve my goal then the IndieGoGo link is here.

Pretty cool, good luck!

If I am ever in Jacksonville, I will be there.


Live the dream, dude.

Jacksonville florida?


well, my gfs parents live there so maybe I can stop by! good luck!

Good luck man.  Hope it works out for you, and you make a ton of money

Thank you everyone! I will post the campaign when it launches :)



please do!

Good luck!



please do!

My campaign has started and i wanted to share it with everyone here that wanted to know. http://igg.me/at/Vid...escue/x/3287807

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