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IndieGoGo Campaign Update #2

Posted by RatedU4Ugly, 30 August 2013 · 1209 views

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Hello everyone! This update will all text and pictures because it's easier to talk / show some of the things. First off I am excited to announce the art print is here! Matt Moore at A Fu Kein Good Tattoo created an amazing piece that includes our friend Mario! It hasn't been decided yet if this will become a t shirt or if their will be a stand alone design for that.

Posted Image

The past few days I haven't been able to promote the campaign because I have been in Tampa. While in Tampa I tried to visit a few video game stores and see if I could borrow any ideas from them. Well I found exactly what I want the game room to look like and you can see that here. It's by far the coolest game room I have seen in person! In this room you will be able to play card games and be able to hold gaming events! This is the hang-out that I want to create! BUT we have to get there! See it here!

Lastly I have been also working on some of the stickers that will be available for the $10 contribution. These are 3 different ones that I am thinking about offering. Each will be cut out around the figure.

Posted Image

Thank you to everyone that has contributed, like or shared this campaign.

I would like to ask one more time for you to share this with your friends, family and fellow gamers!

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