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Murder Mystery Design

Posted by Richard Kain, 31 December 2013 · 1230 views

With all the other projects, chores, and obligations I've had to tackle in the past year, 2013 has been a bit sparse for my game development. I put together some decent Unity scripts, but many of them were made obsolete by the recent version upgrade. Still managed to learn quite a bit from producing them though, so I don't consider it to be a waste.

Now that 2014 is upon us, and many of my long-term chores are drawing to a close, I hope to have a lot more time to spend on developing games in the coming year. I have also finally cooked up a design document that I feel I can really get behind.

The basic premise I'm going for is a "murder mystery" party game. Part of the hook is that the game (server) itself will run on some dedicated form of hardware that is attached to a television. (some form of home console or laptop computer) The players for the game connect to and play the game from their smart-phones. (via the local wi-fi network) The smart-phones will store and display player-specific data, while also acting as the primary controller/input. The computer/server parses all the states and rules, while listening for input from the smart-phones.

Part of the significance of this setup is that it allows individual players to keep secrets from each other. Actions in the game that are taken in close proximity to other characters are displayed on the television. Actions taken while away from anyone else are only displayed on the smartphones. Maintaining secrets and "tricking" the other players is central to the design.

I'm still fleshing things out, more to come later...

Sounds quite interesting.  Best of luck.

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