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This backlog of games is becoming a little too crazy...

Posted by KirkD, 12 September 2013 · 1507 views

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Like many of the users on cheapassgamer, I have a large, growing collection of games I have either never played or barely touched. My problem has only become worse since I became aware of various bundle sites (primarily Humble Bundle and groupees) and became a PS+ member.

While I'm happy to see my collection of games grow, I can't help but feel a little sad that I have played so few of them... Those I've completed are fewer still. It isn't often that I get to experience that feeling of satisfaction that comes from completing a game.

I think I just tend to become a little overwhelmed at times. I'm interested in several forms of media, so I tend to feel a little overloaded by all of my different entertainment options. When I do get around to playing some of my games, the achievement/trophy systems tend to weigh me down. I appreciate developers for adding these systems into their games and platforms, but in some ways, I miss the old days where you could just beat a game by playing through it. There was no worry in the back of your head about fulfilling achievement/trophy requirements. I already decided that life is too short to worry about these systems, so I do play most games without worrying about what I'll earn. Every once in a while, I do start a game and tell myself that I will earn (or at least try to earn) all of the achievements/trophies.

Any of you other users ever feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to video games and/or other entertainment media?

Everyone with a backlog feels a little overwhelmed.


However, I've changed my purchasing strategy so that financially I rarely take big hits.  I don't pay more than $13 for retail games, usually less then that, and when they resale they go for about the same price.


Having a backlog isn't the "cheapest" move available, but it's also fun to know you have a full collection of games at your disposal at all times.  I'm also not moving on to the next generation until I clean up most of this generation, so my backlog will stop growing within the next year and only start shrinking.

Glad to know I'm not the only one.  My price isn't set as low as yours is, but my limit on video game spending is much lower than it was in the past.  There are very few titles that I feel are worth picking up soon after releasing at or near full price.


I suppose you are right about having a large selection.  Even if I don't get around to playing every single game, at least I'm never restricted to only a few different titles.  I wish you luck with your own (hopefully soon-to-be-shrinking) backlog.

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