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Review: CM Storm Xornet Gaming Mouse

Posted by BaeStuped, in Reviews 21 January 2014 · 1977 views

Review:  CM Storm Xornet Gaming Mouse CM Storm Xornet Gaming Mouse - MSRP $29.99

Being the CAG that I am, I go cheap on absolutely everything, hardware and accessories included. A little over a year ago I was on a mission to get my first "gaming" mouse after years of using cheap mice I found on sale. Initially, it seemed I'd have to pull out the old coin purse and reach for the dollar coins in the back, but eventually I found there was a decent selection of budget gaming mice. The Xornet was the third one I ordered and has easily become my favorite.

The Xornet is a nice balance between gaming and casual mouse. For the gamer in you, it has a button allowing you to switch between 500, 1000, and 2000 DPI on the fly. It has 7 buttons, but three of those include the DPI switch buttons and the scroll wheel. I tend to use 4 buttons - right and left click and the two side buttons (by the thumb). The mouse is made for claw style grip and it feels perfect in my hands. It is lightweight (with no adjustable weights) and I've never had any comfort issues with it.

Overall, I don't have any complaints about this mouse. After over a year of constant use and daily drops and pulls on the cord, this thing is still going strong with no signs of slowing down. It is still completely responsive in every way and the buttons still click as quickly as they did the first day. I have to admit, not being a hardcore gamer I can't really tell you how this compares to the fancy $50 and up mice, but I personally would be hard-pressed to find a better mouse for myself. I've recommended it to several CAGs and they all have loved it just as much.

I paid between $10 and $15 for this mouse after rebate, but I would easily recommend it for the $23.xx Amazon is asking at the moment.

Rating: 5 out of 5

I've been needing a new mouse, and this seems pretty much perfect...if it was wireless. Guess I will keep looking, but thanks for the review anyway and I will keep this in mind if I end up going for a wired one after all.

I don't think CM has jumped into the wireless mouse market yet.  I used to use some Logitech wireless couch mice, but the switching out batteries, turning it on/off, etc. was just too much of a hassle for me considering I'm right next to my computer anyway.  That said, in the wireless realm this is the one I'm going to order/test out sometime this year:




In case you want to be the first guinea pig.  

I may actually give that a go, it looks decent and the reviews are good. Saved to potentially add on to a future order.

I have a wired mouse from that company (e-3lue) that I bought around the same time I got this one and it's a strong second to this one.  The drawbacks on the one I have is it is narrow (different design than this one though) and the lights never turn off (but the wireless one has an off and on mode for the lights) so I don't think either of those would be issues with this one.  The one I have is the Jr. Cobra in case you want to look it up and see how different it looks.  This one looks more like the Xornet in style/grip. 

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