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The End is Near: Countdown to my final Steam game!

Posted by BaeStuped, in General 03 February 2015 · 1859 views

So I've decided to do something new this year. Last year I decided to dedicate myself to buying less and playing more. That lasted a few months before life and hoarding got the best of me. I still managed to cut back my purchases a little, but certainly not as much as I wanted. As 2015 arrived, I checked my Steam Library and saw I was sitting at 1824 games, most of which I will probably never play, so I decided to do something different. Instead of trying to amass as many games as possible, I've decided to set a limit to the number of games I will buy and that limit will be 2000 games!

Yes, you heard right, I have limited myself to adding 176 more games to my Steam account and then no more!

So how is that going? Not very well, actually. As of today, I sit at 1852 games so I've add 28 games in less than a month. How did that happen? Mostly due to Greenlight. All those Greenlight games in bundles getting keys has made me realize even if a game gets a key I will likely sell it off unless it's a game I really want. From here on out I hope to post a weekly blog of games I've added (and hopefully played) each week and longer reviews for games that I've finished. Here's hoping I show enough restraint to not reach 2000 for a few years!

Honestly, I have been thinking about doing something similar for months.  As someone with almost the same number of games, I feel your pain.  Let me know how that fares for you and I might also be saying goodbye to the Steam hoarding.

I've already been buying fewer games just because I'm not jumping on every bundle being spit out by the umpteen bundle sites.  Looking forward to reading the reviews and seeing how it goes for you.

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