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Review: Creep!Speak 101

Posted by BaeStuped, in Reviews 19 February 2015 · 2203 views

Creep!Speak Horror Steam Greenlight
Review: Creep!Speak 101 What is Creep!Speak? It's an episodic visual novel created by fellow CAG Ojaybaby and currently on Steam's Greenlight:


Full disclosure, I was given a free copy of the game by Ojaybaby for review/streaming purposes.

I've only really played one visual novel about a year ago after buying the Winterwolves Groupees Bundle and was not a fan at all. I gave Creep!Speak a try because I'm a fan of anything horror related and I am definitely glad I did.

The main difference from the other VN I played is the fact that there's almost no choices to be made in Creep!Speak outside of the intro where you can choose to have the SweetCreeper (the game's narrator) dance or proceed with the story. I chose dance first and was glad I did since it highlights the game's music, which is very well made. It's sort of hip-hop/electronic music and goes great with the game. After the dance party you proceed with the story and it takes about 30 minutes to read it all. Initially, I wasn't sure I would like the art style, but it's actually different than any other game I've seen and gives the story a nice pulp fiction feel to it. The story is really good and is told from the perspective of 4 different characters (5 if you count the dog). Like any good story, it starts out with a bit of a mystery and ends with a big twist. It's well written and well told. My only complaint would be that the twist is a bit too out of left field and all the action is packed into the last few minutes of the story.

Overall, I really did enjoy Creep!Speak. The writer has a nice knack for horror themed stories with a little sick twist to them. More choices, branching storylines, and multiple endings would be a nice addition, but the game is still very enjoyable as is. Looking forward to seeing Creep!Speak finish up and see what else Ojaybaby brings us!

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