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Handing out Fennekin and Charmander Eggs.

Posted by Thrift Like A Fox, 14 October 2013 · 1866 views

Pokemon Nintendo 3DS Trading Starters Free Fenniken Charmander
Hello fellow CAGers and Pokemaniacs! I will be handing out Fennekin and Charmander eggs this afternoon as a sort of Poke-charity work. ;) Don't have to give anything particular in return, but Y version exclusives and starters other than Fenniken and Charmy are appreciated. These Eggs were created with the Masuda method, so if you end up with a Shiny please come back and thank me. :P

Comment below or PM me with your friend code, Mii name, Trainer name, and which Pokemon you want... first come first serve, first by comment, then by trade accepts. No guarantee on how many I'll give out, and I plan to start handing out at 12 EST. If you need to trade later this evening or something make a note of it, and I'll see what I can do.

My friend code is 0559 - 6804 - 7599


Hey I am not very far in the game, so I am not sure what I can catch for you (let me know)


I have pkmn Y, is it possible for me to have both?

Yeah, I still have a few of each egg, so that's fine. If you're past the day care center I'm pretty sure you can find a Spritzee in the flowers near the end of that road(Route 7, flowers closest to the cave). IIRC I found the X exclusive, Swirlix, in the purple flowers there, not sure the specifics on the Y one, but Swirlix only came up once out of probably 30+ wild sitings. It may be that these are more like Audino, where you can find them anywhere, but more rare. So if you can't find it that's okay, no big deal. :P I already got all the starters, plus slugma and an early Goomy, so I'm pretty pleased ATM. :D

I am not there yet, but when I am, I will definitely catch one for you.


my friend code is 0533 5338 4589

I have the Spritzee now, Electrike is the next thing on my list. :P No worries though.

What is your trainer name?


I'll try to keep my game online when I'm playing today, when I see you on we'll trade.

I work most of the day, when is a good time generally for you?

Any time before 10 EST. After Sunday I will be able to be on a bit later.

I am off tues wed and on before 2pm EST other days, any good?

Yeah. I'll try and catch you.

kk I will leave my ds on in the morning!

Sorry if it wasn't clear, but you will have to be at the system and trade me a couple of junk pokemon. :P I tried to trade a minute ago, and there was no response. No worries though, we'll get it done eventually. :D

I will keep an eye out tmrw the same time

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