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Long time reader... first time poster...

Posted by solipse, 11 October 2013 · 785 views

So i know 80% of the blogs deal with games, of which i read through most of them... I will contribute in that way as well. But this first post has to do with my kids.

Here goes.

Back in January this year, my wife answered a casting call for identical twins. First time doing one of these, just for fun. Turns out to be a movie. This movie is called American Hustle. My twins play the son of Jennifer Lawrence and Christian Bale in the flick. My oldest is also in the movie as an extra, so we hope he'll pop up somewhere.

The newest trailer has been posted and my kid swears in it. Couldn't more proud. This is a quick post but hope to be a bit more involved. So as a gamer, go watch the movie, if only to hear my kid swear in it.

Bale didn't go off on him for walking on stage, right?

Cool.  Did you get to meet the stars of the film?  How much money did your kids get for the movie?  Not trying to be nosy, just curious.

Noel - Bale was actually the best with the kids...  Fart jokes and so on and he actually introduced himself to me and made it a point to get to know me.   I have nothing bad to say about him or the rest of the cast. 


Tyler - I would love to say the boys got millions... but no.  They are now SAG eligible and their earnings are part of their college fund.  Also my oldest who got an extra role got paid $64 which is the going rate for extras.   


It's funny, i'm a software engineer (get paid ok) and i calculated one of the twins $/hr and compared it to mine. They trippled my $/hr.  I just hope this leads to some other stuff.   


I got them all an NDS for their hardwork in it... they love it. 

Wow, that's really cool.  Were your kids star-struck at all?  Or for that matter, were you?  I mean, that's Batman and Katniss Everdeen, for crying out loud.

My kids just thought it was cool that they got to order anything they wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


They didn't know that Batman was playing their Dad... i haven't shown them the movies, they are just a bit too young.  But yes, I was star struck as well as the wife.  But like I mentioned before, the stars we met where really cool, no stuck up attitudes or anything of the sort. 

That's a pretty cool story, congrats!  

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