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The second most imp. question after price... time.

Posted by robodobo, 08 November 2013 · 866 views

"How long does it take to beat?"

Don't know how many CAGs know about the website HowLongToBeat, but it's vital before every purchase I make myself. It's the kind of site where more opinions actually do matter... did God of War take you 15 hours or 12 because you're a thumbstick prodigy? The average length would then be: 13.5 hours.
• There's also separate time tables for 100% completionists and even speedrunners.

You DON'T need an account to input a measly hour number. Find your favorite dark horse games you want to re-expose to other gamers that originally overlooked it and are now on the fence when they find a deal. Couldn't recommend it enough (after CAG of course!).

I use that website all the time. If a game's too long I automatically take if off my want list, with only a handful of exceptions. If the game isn't an Arkham or MGS title, I don't have the time to play it for more than 20 hours max. Multiplayer is an exception.


An average of 9-12 hours to beat is what I typically look for. Lower is fine, but higher is questionable for my schedule. 

I can't trust the times on that site. For one, I like to take my time in games and explore. Two (the main reason), I never keep track of how long I've played the game, so I'm not sure how my playtime stacks up against the times listed.

I really don't think that time spent on a game is too important. 8 hours of Skyrim is not as fun as say 8 hours of Arham City. Just my opinion.


I've logged 3 weeks (504 hours of gameplay) on MW2 multiplayer and never got sick of it. I got sick of Saints Row 3 after only 16 hours.


Extremely short or extremely long games aren't bad, it's just a personal preference.

I use it all the time, especially when I am considering getting something out of my backlog.


Some times are way off, but a lot are at least helpful.

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