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2013 is best yera ever

Posted by Walter-Mack, 18 November 2013 · 796 views

this is best year evre i got my ps4 in mail and i lvoe it i think the anti sony trols r out in full fore again becus a few ppls systems dint work they r making it out 2 be a huge deal well sorrey i have 1 and my uncle has 1 and both work and we play onlone call of duty gosts and batlefield 4 and it play very good f*** the ppl that hate sony they haev been in this gaming busines since the 90s be4 most of u even knew how 2 play a vidgame so shut the hell up.. ntoice how all of the online jerk r coca cola fans also its not conidence...

but 2 the SONY fans and PEPSI fans (and not the coke fanboy jerks) the ps4 is great i think u shuld al buy 1 and even if it doesnt work SONY covers ur wrarnty and so does AMAZON so u cant lose either way.. the ps3 was cool but its time 2 step into the future.. in 2013... the best year EVER

ps if u hvae a ps4 post ur fav games so far ionly have batlefield 4 and cod gost but i am going 2 trade in some of my old schol ps3 games at bestb uy with ther 100% bonus this week and get some new claics... if any1 has recomendation beside the game i have ples pm me or post here.

Meh, Pepsi sucks. So does 2013.

Nov 18 2013 07:54 AM

u have diabete that is yu drink diet coke

Nah, I prefer the taste of Diet Coke. No "diabete."

Nov 18 2013 07:56 AM

diet coke has dangers chemical in it google it dumbs***


Nov 18 2013 08:00 AM

the coke company is evil they use 2 use crak ocaine in it look it up on google but my thery is they still use it cus of how dumba** coke fan is like u....

I found a game you should buy: http://tinyurl.com/mp56m5f

oh. my. god.

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