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Sega Games I own and things I need

Posted by deathfromace, in Sega Genesis Games 20 November 2013 · 604 views

Updated 3/20/2015

6-pak (complete in box)

AAAHH!! Real Monsters (missing manual)

Aladdin (complete in box)

Altered Beast (complete in box)

Andre Agassi Tennis (complete in box)

Art Alive (complete in box)

Asterix and the Great Escape (complete in box)

Barney's Hide and Seek Game

Batman Forever (complete in box)

Battleship (complete in box)

Beavis and Butt-head (complete in box)

Bill Walsh College Football (complete in box) with 24 “Bill’s Pick” cards

Bonanza Brothers (complete in box)

Bubsy (Game only)

Centurion Defender of Rome (complete in box)

Columns (complete in box)

Comic Zone (complete in box)

Donald and Mickey in Castle of Illusion (Game only)

Dragon’s Revenge (complete in box)

Ecco: The Tides of Time (complete in box)

Eternal Champions (complete in box)

Family Feud (complete in box)

Fatal Labyrinth (Game only)

Final Zone (complete in box)

Flashback (complete in box)

General Chaos (complete in box)

George Foreman's KO Boxing (complete in box)

Heavy Nova (complete in box)

Herzog Zwei (missing manual)

Jammit (complete in box)

Jeopardy Sports Edition (complete in box)

Joe Montana Football (complete in box)

John Madden Football ‘92 (Game only)

John Madden Football 93 (complete in box)

Jordan VS Bird (missing manual)

Judge Dredd (complete in box)

Jungle Strike (complete in box)

Jurassic Park (complete in box)

Kid Chameleon (complete in box)

LA Russa Baseball 95 (complete in box)

Marble Madness (complete in box)

Mario Andretti Racing (complete in box)

Mega Bomberman (Game only)

Monopoly (complete in box)

Mortal Kombat (complete in box)

Mortal Kombat 2 (complete in box)

Mortal Kombat 3 (complete in box)

Ms. Pacman (Game only)

NBA Jam (complete in box)

NFL Quarterback Club (complete in box)

NHL 95 (complete in box)

NHL 96 (complete in box)

Pebble Beach Golf Links (complete in box)

PGA Tour Golf (complete in box)

Pirates! Gold (Missing manual)

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (complete in box)

Populous (complete in box)

Pro Quarterback (complete in box)

Rampart (complete in box)

Risk (complete in box)

Road Rash (complete in box)

Sega Master System - Great Football (missing manual)

Sega Master System - Hang On & Safari Hunt (complete in box)

Sega Master System - Pro Wrestling (missing manual)

Sega Master System - Reggie Jackson Baseball (complete in box)

Shining Force (complete in box)

Shining Force 2 (complete in box)

Shining In The Darkness (complete in box)

Sonic (complete in box)

Sonic 2 (complete in box)

Sonic Spinball (complete in box)

Sports Talk Football ‘93 Starring Joe Montana (complete in box)

Spot goes to Hollywood (complete in box)

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Echoes from the Past (missing game)

Stargate (complete in box)

Sub-Terrania (complete in box)

Super Hang-On (complete in box)

Super Smash T.V (complete in box)

Sword of Vermillion (complete in box)

Taz In Escape From Mars (complete in box)

Taz Mania (complete in box)

Tecmo Super Bowl (complete in box)

The Lion King (complete in box)

The Lost Vikings (complete in box)

Toejam and Earl (Game only)

Toejam and Earl: Panic on Funkotron (complete in box)

Toxic Crusader (complete in box)

Toy Story (complete in box)

Triple Play Gold Edition (complete in box)

Vectorman (complete in box)

Warrior of Rome (complete in box)

World Championship Soccer (complete in box)

WWF Super WrestleMania (complete in box)

X-men (complete in box)

Zero Tolerance (complete in box)

Zombies Ate My Neighbors (complete in box)

nice list!

nice list!

Thanks, I just updated it with all the new games and items I've received. If you end up coming across any of the items I need let me know. 

nice list!

Just updated the list of the games I've got over the past few months.

New games


Toy Story (complete in box)
Family Feud  (complete in box)
The Lion King  (complete in box)
Shining Force 2  (complete in box)
Warrior of Rome  (complete in box)
Centurion Defender of Rome  (complete in box)
Toxic Crusader  (complete in box)

Updated order and added some new things

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