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PS4: Greatness Delayed

Posted by kilik64, 20 November 2013 · 1372 views

ps4 blue light of death
I thought I would document my PS4 and Sony support experience.

First off, I got my system on Friday afternoon from Amazon. I had spent the morning helping a friend get my extra ps4 preorder from Target, and then I spent a few more hours hanging out with LordVila at his house while he set up and played his ps4 for the first time. We even tried out remote play a little bit and I was completely stoked to get mine later in the day and mess around more with that feature as I was really excited about it since it was announced.

So anyways, I left his house and came home and waited on my ps4. UPS man finally arrived right around 4pm (I think I scared him as I opened the door as he was talking onto my porch, haha). I run upstairs with the box, get it opened, and immediately go about getting it updated to 1.5 via USB. I have an Onkyo AVR and ran it through it to start with, no video. Ran it through the tv directly, and it worked. 1.5 updated just fine. After the update I hooked it back up to the AVR and it worked just fine. I then tried to get on psn numerous times and finally gave up. I popped in FIFA 14 and played a couple of matches on it, got used to the new gameplay a little, and it was pretty good and fun. Decided to try and get on psn again, still no dice. Decided to try and restart the ps4 and see if that might help. Restarts fine and as im trying to sign in the screen flickers, makes some noise, and the console shuts off. I try to just turn it back on. Pulsing blue light of death. I get it to go into safe mode and get it to boot back into normal after doing the reinitialize option which deletes everything on you HD. It works again for only a few minutes then does the same thing again, flickers and shuts off.

At this point Im really frustrated with it and jump on my computer to see if there is anything posted about problems yet, and sure enough people are complaining of the same basic issues. I was lucky enough to at least get to try it out some before my BLOD, it looked like a lot of people had BLOD straight out of the box. So ok, lets try tech support. Chat link online is not working as they disable it when it gets too busy. Called tech support and waited for 2.5 hours with nothing. Just a lady that kept saying psn was busy and to try logging in later. So I quit holding and decide to try again in the morning.

So next day, Saturday morning, I am really pissed still about waiting that long with never getting through and decide screw it, I'll just pack it up, send it to Amazon, get my refund and get my Xbox One preorder from Amazon and piss on Sony, etc. Well I decide to get on Chat as the link was working and at the same time my wife called on the phone and sat on hold. After messing with the chat for a bit as it would go through the queue only to say no one to help me, finally got a guy on chat. His suggestion? Send it back to amazon. I was like really? That means I will not buy anything from Sony any time soon again if that's how you are going to play this. Right at this time a girl came on the phone after waiting for over 30 mins this time.

Well this tech support agent has me run through some troubleshooting stuff, things I had already tried like taking about he HDD and trying to get into safe mode. Doesnt work and she says that it needs repair and gets my info to ship me a Coffin. I was supposed to get an email about but never got one, and it dawned on me that she never confirmed any info so I wasnt sure I was if I was getting my box or not. I tried at work to get on chat and did and the guy couldnt find any info about my return without my serial #. So I was like ok I'll try again when I get home and have my serial #. So I get home and go to let my dogs out and right on the front porch is my Coffin. They next day aired it to me on Saturday and I got it on Monday. Pretty solid.

Open up the box and look at the instructions, damn it, I need the service # that was never emailed to me. So call tech support AGAIN as the chat was not working at the time, waited 30 mins, and got a guy who pulled up my service # so I could fill out my slip. Asked about really needing the receipt since the reason they ask for that for warranty is to make sure its within one year of buying, and he said yea you should put that in there too. I was like, ok whatever, easy enough to just get my amazon receipt. He then was like hey have you heard about our extended warranty. I was like really? You're going to try and sell me a warranty right now? Declined and ended the call. Luckily my wife was still at work since we dont have a home printer, got her to print my receipt for amazon to include in the box. Next morning (Tuesday) I swing by a fedex location on my way to work and drop off my Coffin. As of right now it is in Lardeo TX, where it was being shipped to, out for delivery.

According to GameInformer, Sony is just shipping out brand new ones right away for anyone having issues. I have not heard anything directly from Sony as yet, but after they get my system in, maybe I'll get an update. If GI.com is correct, if my system is received today then it is possible they will overnight air me back a new system on Thursday, meaning I would get my ps4 on Friday, or possibly Saturday. If that is the case then it would be exactly a one week turnaround between getting Coffin sent to me and my working ps4. In all honesty, if this is the case then it would turn around my view of Sony support at this point.

Also, I forgot to mention earlier in this post that on Sunday I tried with the help of my wife to see if we could get it working after reading about a guy who pressed on the top of it and got his to work. I got it to work on Sunday for a hour and played a MP match of KZ with LordVila before it died again RIGHT after we got done with the match. Messed with it again and never could get it to boot back up with video, just the pulsing blue light.

I will update this post as I finish up this process. I really hope they dont send me another one that is broken or breaks right after playing a little bit. I might scream.

Edit 1: Just checked my tracking again from FedEx, says it was delivered this morning at 930am. Now to wait and see how long it takes to get shipped a new console, if thats even what they are doing.

Edit 2: So at some point on Friday afternoon (yesterday the 22nd) it went to the following status when I look it up on the support site:
Your unit has been received and is currently being processed. We do not have any updates for you at this time.

They got my ps4 on Wed morning at 930am and it took until Friday afternoon at some point to change the status to being processed. I really had hopes that I would have it back by Friday or Saturday at the latest. Hopefully I get it sometime next week. It has been 7 days since the start of the process since I didnt talked to anyone until Saturday.

that sucks.


I just want to post here because of your avatar pic!


good luck!

Wow, that's messed up.  Hope you get a new system quickly and have no problems with it.

Good luck, sorry to hear you got one of the bricks Sony shipped out.

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