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Game Rankings 2014

Posted by pasports31, 02 January 2015 · 1772 views

goty favorite games 2014
2014 was another good year for gaming for me. Thought I'd throw up a ranking of the games I played and some brief thoughts on them. All the games in my ranking are ones that I played for the first time in 2014, regardless of release date.


1. Dark Souls 2 - Dark Souls 2 was definitely my favorite game this year. I spent more time on it than any other game, and although it wasn't quite as good as Dark Souls 1, I still loved it.

Excellent/Runners Up

2. Thief Gold - I had never played a Thief game before this year, and was surprised by how much I loved this game. It was a serious contender for GOTY, impressive for such an old game.

3. Rayman Legends - One of the best platformers I've ever played. Fun, and the latter stages do get challenging, but somehow are able to keep from ever being frustrating.

4. Elder Scrolls: Morrowind - A classic RPG that still holds up today, despite the aging of the graphics and overall mechanics. A fun world to explore with tons to do. My playthrough was over 120 hours and I didn't get to several factions and the dlc.

5. Max Payne 1 - Another old game that holds up surprisingly well. A sort of hokey presentation combined with fun mechanics and gunplay made for great fun.

6. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - The game takes everything SMG1 did and makes it better. Another great Nintendo platformer.

7. The Wolf Among Us - A fantasy noir style game by Telltale, which, imho, has a much more interesting premise and setting than The Walking Dead.

8. Dishonored - A fantastic modern day stealth game. Sort of a mix between Bioshock and Thief. Very well done, the dlc is fantastic as well.

9. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - An overall great game, although it could've used more dungeons. The unique art style and setting in the context of Zelda games is a definite plus.


10. Legend of Grimrock - An old school dungeon crawler with difficult combat, use of strategy, some tough puzzles, and lots of secrets. Fantastic game, just didn't prefer it to the ones listed above.

11. Guacamelee - A great metroidvania. Some frustrating platforming and moderately shallow combat holds the game back slightly.

12. Far Cry 3 - A game with decent stealth mechanics, good shooting, and a vast, beautiful setting to explore. Held back by the shallowness of the environment - extremely repetitive, a lack of detail put into side missions to make them stand out.

13. Thief 2 - I had read that Thief 2 was the best of the Thief series, and after loving Thief 1 was excited to play it. I thought I would like that the monsters of Thief 1 were removed, but I actually somewhat missed them, and the robots in Thief 2 I found more annoying. Also, after an extremely strong start, the second half of the game tails off.

14. Max Payne 2 - Shorter than MP1 and just not quite as much fun, still an overall very good game. It had more moments of annoyance and frustration (a mission where you play as Mona, and an escort mission, especially stand out from what I remember) which drag the game down a bit.

15. Painkiller: Black Edition - An old school circle - strafe shooter with a variety of enemies and fun gameplay. A few weaker levels and a number of bugs hold the game back.


16. Rage - A game with very fun gunplay and graphics that still look great, it's held back primarily by a lack of variety (you fight like, 3 different enemy models in the whole game) and a story that abruptly ends with no explanation.

17. Amnesia: The Dark Descent - A pretty well done horror adventure game. The puzzles sometimes take away from the atmosphere, and the effect of the scares loses its gravity in the latter stages of the game.

18. Bulletstorm - A very fun, somewhat stupid, shooter. The gimmick here is that your currency comes in the form of points scored for different types of kills you get, encouraging variety of weapons and playstyles.

19. Tomb Raider 2013 - A thoroughly enjoyable game, but which suffers from excessive QTEs and cutscenes. Also not nearly enough tombs in the game. The definition of a good, not great game.

20. Bastion - A game with solid, not great gameplay, but great music and art style. Despite the combat mechanics that are somewhat lacking, there arent really many flaws with the game, it just doesn't click with me quite as much as others.

21. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - Very fun, but shallow, being a twin stick shooter. I liked it a lot but it's hard for a TSS to leave a lasting impression.

22. God of War III - I thought this was the best of the GoW series. Fun hack n slash adventure.

23. Outlast - Scary, but had some scripted sequences which really got aggravating. Frustration held it back.

24. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - An all time classic metroidvania. Would've scored higher if not for the inverted castle. A huge difficulty spike combined with the fact that there were no more power ups to be gained led to a boring latter stage of the game.

25. God of War 2 - Fun game, not as good as GoWIII.

26. Far Cry Blood Dragon - ALthough I liked it, there's something about both this and FC3 where it takes me a few hours to really get into the game. This game was very short, so by the time I was really enjoying myself it ended.

27. Typing of the Dead - I loved this, thought it was hilarious. But a game based around typing isn't the type of thing I'll probably want to replay ever.

28. The Witcher 2 - This series is getting so close to being great, I really hope TW3 fixes some flaws. The environment isnt one that's "fun" to explore, in the way that something like Elder Scrolls is, making the game not as addicting. The combat mechanics still need some work, as well as the balancing between sword play and magic. Although the story and characters are well written, I don't think it's particularly interesting.

29. Jazzpunk - Hilarious adventure game that would've ranked higher if it was a bit longer.

30. Sleeping Dogs - A sandbox game with good combat mechanics. It basically mashes a few games together (GTA, Batman AA/AC, Assassin's Creed) into a game which is very good, not great.

31. Escape Goat - Great puzzler, perfect length. Just didn't strike me the way some other games did.

32. 10,000,000 - I never thought I'd enjoy a match 3 game this much. Highly recommend it.

33. God of War 1 - The game is beginning to show its age, but still good.

34. Puzzle Agent 1 - A very good puzzle game in a quirky environment.


35. Nightsky - A puzzle platformer with great art and music direction, but some pretty weak gameplay.

36. Knights of the Old Republic - An RPG that is still good, but showing its age.

37. Giana Sisters - A somewhat frustrating platformer that suffers greatly from the fact that it seems to play just one or two songs the entire game.

38. Risen 1 - An RPG with all around decent showings in terms of environment, story, mechanics, etc. Just average all around.

39. Marlow Briggs - Exceeded my expectations. Basically a comedy B-movie hack n' slash game.

40. Sam and Max Season 1 - A decent adventure series with hit and miss comedy. Worth playing if on sale.

41. Bleed - A fun indie game with good mechanics, but only about an hour long


42. Dead Space 2 - A letdown after the first game, it was extremely frustrating at parts. Just a lot of issues that hold it back.

43. Castle Crashers - I think my problem was I played this solo. I'm sure it's a lot more fun playing with a few friends.

44. Brothers: A tale of Two Sons - I can see the appeal, it just wasn't for me. Gameplay was decidedly meh, story was good, if somewhat predictable.

45. Gone Home - Again, I can see the appeal, but it wasn't for me. I just wasn't interested in the story.

46. Thirty Flights of Loving - Really short, and just...I don't know. Not for me.


47. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time - Extremely frustrating game with terrible, repetitive combat, two enemy models in the whole game, and platforming which could occassionally frustrate as well.

48. Alan Wake - Flashlight combat is just terrible. Ruined the game for me.

Worst GOTY

49. Condemned: Criminal Origins - A game with clunky controls and combat and levels that were all the same - run into barrier, backtrack, find ax, breakdown barrier, repeat. Not scary, story was somewhat confusing.

I rank your rankings as Average.

I rank your rankings as Average.

Dammit was going for terrible. Failed at failing.

Had a lot of fun reading your rankings! Keep it up! I can't wait to see what you have for 2015. Cheers :)

Man, you managed to play a lot of games this year (even if I assume you didn't finish them all).  Nice brief synopsis for each. 

Wow; you played a shitload of games this year!

+1 on darksouls 2

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