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Greatness Awaits... But how long?

Posted by bestkeeper14, 19 December 2013 · 738 views

So now that the PS4 has been out over a month, I am wondering what amazing things we can look forward to? I know the games that are coming and they have me super psyched for the potential to come, especially for games like the Order and Infamous. But what I am more talking about has to do with the OS and what Gaikai will have to offer.

Coming from the 360, I saw the OS transform from the ugly blades to the more dynamic menu they brought over to Xbox one. On PS3 we didn't really any changes to the interface at all. That made me wonder if we will see changes? I have loved Sony's new stance on really hearing what the gamers have to say and we saw that in the PS4 itself at launch. But now that we have it and have begun to voice our opinions, I wonder where Sony is heading? Can you think of anything you want fixed or added as features or part of the OS?

Then there is Gaikai, the mystery of what it will bring with absolutely no news or info other than it will be coming next year. I honestly feel that Gaikai and remote play are what will truly differentiate the PS4 from the Xbox one and decide truly if Sony will take back the lead of being the go to console. My honest bet since the delay of Gaikai is we will not get it till next fall, and that E3 will be the big Gaikai announcement where we will actually get the details and see it in person. It excites me when people at Sony say there are big things coming and huge announcements left to give. I believe them. They have delivered on what they tell us and have yet to flip flop to make me feel I can't trust them. It was another reason I loved switching back to Sony. Guys like Yoshida who are gamers themselves and really look to listen to other gamers, the guy is amazing!

So I leave this question to end out this blog, What do you expect the next year brings on the OS and hardware side of things for the PS4?

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