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Please help me to follow my dream: feed back appreciated

Posted by bestkeeper14, 29 January 2014 · 1038 views

Well it has been a bit since I wrote on here... views kinda died after the initial launch and I am not even sure many people will continue to look at this. But I have decided that I want to continue to post my opinion and information about what I love in the hopes that some time in my life I may be able to use this to get a career I truly enjoy. As it is, I currently work in the financial industry full time. This has nothing to do with the degree I received in college, and it isn't a job I love. It is simply a job that helps pay bills. If I could do anything it would have to do with talking and writing about sports and video games. Those have been my biggest two passions in life and what I like to do most each and every day.

I came close to working in sports radio but the economy kinda messed that up when I was interning at a local station. My boss constantly was telling me what a great job I was doing, and honestly I was doing more work than any of the interns they had. It got to a point where my boss took a week off and left me in charge. That time went great and when it ended I continuously asked about jobs with them and never really had openings and eventually were laying people off. It was an unlucky moment for me to be in. Had I done my internship a few months before or a year or so after I might be in the industry. As it was I had to go out and get a job and I was lucky at the path I took for someon doing something that had nothing to do with their degree.

Deep down though, I feel like one day I could do something I love. I don't feel like i will stay where I am and just may get to do something I enjoy doing. This is where this blog comes into play for me. Whether anyone reads it or not, I want to use it to practice my writing skills that were kind of put on the back burner being a communications major instead of a writing major. Hopefully that practice and enthusiasm can get me to a place where I am given an opportunity. That is all I am looking for: an opportunity. One day I hope that I am one of those people who is able to give fans and followers a great story that makes people believe they can do anything. All I can hope for is the idea in my head that I tried and didn't give up on doing something better.

I hope that people can give me critque's and advice, as well as have conversation over the things I bring up. The thing I like the most is conversation over the things I love and am passionate about. So please help with my dream and follow this blog, comment, and feel free to give you opinion. Every little bit helps me move a step closer. And if nothing comes of it, it still will be a way for me to express my passion in writing for others to see.

Feel free to follow the link to the actual blog page, and if you have a google account, please follow so that you can get updates on when posts go live.


You shouldn't really focus on writing for views, which it sounds like you're not doing as much of anymore, and just write for experience and because you like doing it.  If you want views, you're going to have to start marketing.  Following a billion people on Twitter, hoping they follow you back.  Making connections all over the internet, upselling your blog and/or whatever else you might have, etc.  It really sucks doing unless you're a natural salesperson.  On top of that you really have to bring something unique to the table.  Your writing is good but sports and video games aren't exactly areas that have a dearth of content on the internet.


Maybe you should look for some small video game and/or sports websites that will let you write for them for free as a freelance writer.  It's a great first step, and even though it's time consuming, it will be great experience on a resume for writing-related positions.


Always keep writing because it serves as a portfolio of your writing ability if and when a job you're interested in comes open.  But writers are not in demand, hell there are 20-40 quality writers here on the CAG blogs section, and none of us write for a living. Also, because there's so little demand and so much supply, writing jobs don't pay well.  Be prepared for that too.


Anyways, sorry to be such a downer, but as someone who has similar dreams as yours, it's important to face facts.  Definitely keep writing, but to have any chance of doing it for a career you're going to have to find a unique voice and you're going to have to market yourself like none other.  I can't speak for radio but I'd assume the field is equally saturated just based on how many podcasts there are out there.

Greg Miller just talked about how he got into the industry today.


Funny you bring that up, that is the reason for the change and me wanting to write just because I like it and want the experience.  His story inspired me to just try and see what happens.  To continue writing and see where it goes.  I really am not caring about views or anything like that because I don't want blog writing to become my career, I just want it to be a platform to practice and if people see it then great, if not it is a public device to use if anything does come up.


I know that it is very hard to get into any type of career, but I can at least try and use these writings as my portfolio should anything come up.  Hope you chose to follow and feel free to give me any critiques on the writting itself, not the content.  That will help me the most.

I'm not a good enough writer or good enough with the English language to give you critiques on the writing itself unfortunately.  Seems perfectly good to me.  Best of luck.

greg miller is a pompous asshole. but I digress.


dood, if I may say one thing. A very wise and well established in his career man told me recently to never settle for anything less than what you want out of life. If you cheeseburger has mustard and you hate mustard, send it back. If you wish to work in a certain industry, go for it. By All Means Necessary, Period.


You get one life, never ever settle for less than what you want out of it.

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