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What are you buying in February?

Posted by 3gsid, 23 January 2014 · 857 views

Hey there guys, welcome to my blog!

This time around I wanted to discuss what you guys will be buying or playing through in February.

For me, I am very happy that a lot of niche games I'm interested in are going to be starting to release in February. I do feel my wallet will start to empty by the end of the month between all my expenses and the amount of games next month!

But explanation's aside, the games I will be buying/playing in February are:
  • Danganropa, Vita, (February 11th)
  • Bravely Default, 3DS, (February 7th)
  • Toukiden, Vita (February 11th) (Wasn't on my radar until I played the demo. Now can't wait!)
  • Tales of Symphonia HD, PS3 (February 25th)
  • TxK ,Vita,(Feb 11th)
  • And probably a large amount of other games that will be released on PSN for the Vita.

My number one is definitely Danganropa. Cannot wait for it!

So my question is to you, what are you looking forward into the coming month?

Lightning Returns :D

looking to buy a Ps3

I am thinking about Fable Anniversary. But I don't know if I will because my 360 has been having issues with the tray.


Tales of Symphonia would be nice but I need to get the HDMI port fixed on the PS3 so I can actually enjoy pretty stuff.


Console gaming is bleak right now for me :(

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2!

Possibly PSN releases as they have been good as of late.

I pre-ordered and paid in full Bravely Default. The demo is awesome. 

For sure? Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. I'll probably also get Tales of Symponia HD Collection and One Piece Romance Dawn, but I doubt I will get to play those much in February. 

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