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My Guilty Pleasure Anime

Posted by 3gsid, 12 March 2014 · 1606 views

Anime Shuffle Guilty Pleasure
Hello there everybody!

Been a good while since I last "entertained" you all with my oh, 'wise' words. But as of this moment, that ceases!

Today I wanted to blog about a little something that has been on my mind as of late, that being guilty pleasures. Be it a game, an anime, a hobby, or anything of that nature, it is always something that we would usually keep to ourselves, and hope to God nobody finds out about it.

Be it mine is not of that nature, as I am very open with all my hobbies to anybody who would lend an ear. Be it gaming, watching anime, or reading manga I generally don't have anything to hide, or have any skeletons in the closet per se.

But I recently sat back thinking of this topic and reminisced on some of the anime series that I would consider a guilty pleasure. Be in mind, I don't really watch anything that is "overly offensive" to some people, or just in general "weird" to the average person as my usual watches genre-wise are Psychological, Sports, and Drama/Romances. (But this IS anime we are talking about, so there is bound to be some weird stuff baked in there)

But I did look through my list, and one did pop out. That show would be Shuffle! It was among the very first shows I watched getting into anime, and back then and to this day I don't consider it a great, or even good show by any means. But for some reason, I still look back at it and I enjoy it to this day.

I couldn't put my finger on exactly what draws me into it, but I think at least one of the things is the character Kaede Fuyou. Her character may be the reason I love crazy, and extremely flawed characters to this day. Who wouldn't enjoy characters like this ->

Posted Image

But that all said, that is my guilty pleasure, at least anime wise. So now I ask you, be it a game, an anime, or anything else. What is your guilty pleasure?

I liked Shuffle for Nerine. 

Poor Kaede.

Uncensored anime.


I can't watch a show that is censor, if i end up watching it. Later when the blue version comes out, i have to watch it to see the real version. 


also - 

Saber Lion 


Akira, Metropolis, and Ghibli. That's all the anime I'll ever need! :)

Heaven's Lost Property, Queen's Blade, and Ikki Tousen. None are particularly great shows -- though Heaven's Lost Property may have the best characters of the three.  

Inuyasha. It's a shit show,but it was time killer whenever it aired on adult swim.

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