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I Left Mine In San Francisco

Posted by Miada, 02 April 2014 · 873 views

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I Left Mine In San Francisco As the caption under this minis title states, "A family of monsters gets lost and confused in a strange forest." The monsters live in a giant tree with a heart in the middle of it, called the Heart Tree. One day the monsters are playing around and collecting hearts, and the Heart Tree floats away. Now the monsters must go on a journey to find their home. That's pretty much the story in a nutshell for this game.

In Where Is My Heart? you play as three monsters : Brown (a cross between Domo and Sackboy), Orange, and Gray. The monsters have to learn to work together to get through the levels. There are 26 levels total, and the game gets gradually more challenging as you go along. Challenging is a perfect word for this game. It's not difficult; it just requires you to use your brain. It forces you to think. I often found myself laughing at how easy a level was once I had finally figured it out. It's much more simple than it seems.

The game is completely 2D, NES 8-bit style all the way. The music, however, is not. It's very soothing and relaxing, though. The best way to describe the level design would be a combination of Super Mario Bros., Portal, and a comic book. The levels are split up into panels, but the panels are all mixed around. For example, let's say I start off in the middle of the screen, go right and in-between another panel, and that other panel could be in the top right corner. That's where the challenge comes into play. Some levels are so jumbled up, that they can't be solved without some friendly help.

Each monster has a unique ability which is formed when the monsters stack themselves on top of eachother in different order. Brown becomes the Antler Ancestor. The Antler Ancestor is able to double-jump to reach higher platforms. Gray becomes the Bat King, which allows for hidden paths and platforms to be come visible. Orange becomes the Rainbow Spirit of True Sorrow, whom has the ability to jump (essentially teleporting) from panel to panel to reach areas which were previously impossible to reach. In the game, the monsters collect hearts and jump on monster-specific heart boxes in order to get through each level. The heart boxes allow clear blocks to become solid for passage. The monsters jump up and land on their heads to activate them. Jumping and landing on their head also cancels out the unique ability, until the monsters stack up again.

The final level begins with the Antler Ancestor, who has found the Heart Tree at last! After collecting the last heart, orange and gray float up to the Heart Tree and much like David The Gnome, they turn into trees! The Antler Ancestor hops onto the Heart Tree, crawls inside, and the tree floats away.

Where Is My Heart? is hands-down the best PlayStation minis title to ever be released. It's got fun (yet challenging!) gameplay, cool music, and great character designs. Fez just came out on PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita, and I instantly thought of this game. If you liked Fez, give this one a shot. Help these monsters find their way back home!

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