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I've been ghettoized in an official capacity by CAG

Posted by Chuplayer, 04 March 2011 - - - - - - · 1158 views

For a clickable link: http://sadpanda.us/i...195-0YXUIZX.png

So, this is it. After years of mostly unmoderated hate speech in the comments and the tags, the official decision is to brush me under the rug. (And the one or two mods who did moderate, you know who you are, and you are very good people.) I...

Bootleg PSP Composite Cable on Amazon - Full Report

Posted by Chuplayer, 21 February 2011 - - - - - - · 570 views


AVOID THE ABOVE CABLE. IT IS A BOOTLEG. The listing passes itself off as being a genuine Sony cable, albeit Japanese in region and OEM. This led me to believe that it was going to come with no packaging and instructions. That's how a lot of PC OEM stuff I've...

Happy Valentine's Day from Yukino and Alna!

Posted by Chuplayer, 14 February 2011 - - - - - - · 725 views

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! I hope everybody is doing fine and is spending the day with those that they love.

In today's blog post, Yukino and Alna exchange Valentine's Day pleasantries of their own. They hit a snag along the way, but true love does prevail! It's a good thing their love is able to overcome this little problem, too, because they're...

Unscripted Stuff: Atari 5200

Posted by Chuplayer, 13 February 2011 - - - - - - · 239 views

I actually had this recorded a couple weeks ago, but I forgot to upload it ^_^'

Momoko Girls Love Ys

Posted by Chuplayer, 13 February 2011 - - - - - - · 414 views

Ys is a video game series from Japan that dates back to the late 1980s. It's an action RPG series known for its unique combat systems and keen sense of adventure. It is rather popular in Japan, but it is mostly unheard of elsewhere in the world. Up until last year, Ys releases outside Japan have been few and far between. Last summer XSeed games began brin...

I want to be as metal as this guy

Posted by Chuplayer, 08 February 2011 - - - - - - · 216 views

What's up with that Uncle Magic?

Posted by Chuplayer, 01 February 2011 - - - - - - · 213 views

A dude can't even watch his weekly fix of Adventure Time and Regular Show without seeing this clown on the TV between shows.


Watch the TV commercial. It's on the site. He's like the hip hop Billy Mays. If I had kids and they went to a party with Uncle Magic, I'd be flipping out. I mean, what the heck? You got this guy who doe...

Top Gun (2009 game) vs. Top Gun (the movie)

Posted by Chuplayer, 06 January 2011 - - - - - - · 183 views

I had never seen the movie Top Gun until just a few hours ago. I had played the NES game a few times at a friend's house when I was a kid, but the first Top Gun game I really got into was the PC game from last year. I got it for $2.50 during the Steam holiday sale and beat it on Christmas day.

The story didn't really make much sense to me in the game. Ha...

Classy Party Girls and a Group Shot!

Posted by Chuplayer, 01 January 2011 - - - - - - · 276 views

I got a dress for my Alna a little while back. I haven't taken any pictures of it until now. Yukino is also dressed up nicely. They're a couple of classy party girls!

Here are Alna and Yukino looking lovely! They're both wearing their cute white heels that I got for them last year. They'r...