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Destiny Thoughts / Review - PS4

Posted by kenwatanabe, 11 September 2014 · 2036 views

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I normally don’t write reviews but with such a big release I figured i’d write something to share with everybody. I will try and keep this fairly simple and to the point.

A little background, ever since I played “Halo” back in 2002 it changed everything for me. I immediately got an Xbox and almost exclusively only played Xbox and Xbox 360 up until last year where i’ve made the transition to the Playstation 3 and 4. Bungie are my favourite developers and Halo my favourite series. I have day one purchased every Halo game and put in countless hours across all of them. Halo has been my go-to MP game for the better part of almost 15 years.

From the first announcements Destiny looked awesome, it just seemed like the perfect game for me. Character customisation, vast open world to explore, amazing co-op play, a solid PVP (this is Bungie of course) and a wealth of other things. Over the months towards release I stopped watching videos or reading much so not to spoil too much of the game for myself.

I decided to jump ship to the Playstation 4 this generation instead of continuing my Xbox career with the One over a lot of different reasons I won’t get into. I put about 10-12 hours into the Alpha from the off-set I was super impressed I was blown away with the UI, music and overall feel and presentation the game had. I’ve never played anything like it before. After running about Old Russia, doing missions and events and some PVP I had a good feel for the game. Towards the end of my 12 hours I did feel the game becoming a little repetitive - enter area, deploy ghost, defend area. Rinse and repeat. I really find these kind of objectives in games extremely tedious. I started up the beta and it was pretty much exactly the same as Alpha, so I didn’t play it much. This time I run around the moon right before the beta finished which was cool, but still repetitive.

So my hype level went down a little after playing the game, but I still ordered and purchased the standard edition on day one. My main problem with the game is it’s sold as an adventure filled world, with RPG and some MMO elements with a significant focus on social play. However it couldn’t be further from these things.
  • You can not chat with random players directly on planets or on the tower. I understand they may not want your experience “ruined” by randoms screaming down the mic but at least give us the option to opt in and out of chatting to people. Also the way to invite people to your fire team takes too long. Taking you out into a menu then loading then sending invite. It should be one button and I never have to leave my gameplay.
  • In game the world just seems so… empty.. For having “MMO” elements which is odd to me. There must be hundreds of thousands of people playing this online across the tower, and every region of the worlds. When I enter a game or new region the room should be instantly full of people playing their own games, then you chat and party up. I’ve come across so few people I thought I was doing something wrong or had a setting to enable. There are no interesting NPCs at the tower or in the world to interact with, the ones we get don’t move, have boring names and nothing special about them. I was playing solo for some time and it was so boring and lonely I felt like turning it off until thank God I found some people to party up with by luck.
  • Transporting you out of a mission after you complete is frustrating. There should be an option to stay or leave. I find loads of cool places to visit during a mission that i'd like to explore after the objective but i'm sucked right back to my ship after. I guess this is because there isn’t a direct route from mission to mission by foot so it has to load each mission area.
  • The story is.. well i’m not sure I tried following it and just got lost. It seems to be an afterthought with the co-op play being the main focus. I guess its just generic sci-fi opera story.
  • There is little variety in missions it's basically all the same thing, "kill this person or group of people", "collect this item or items" and "defend this area". Gets boring real fast.

This game has been compared to Borderlands a lot, I have no idea why because it couldn’t be more different. Borderlands has an huge interesting world, interesting characters, way more loot and weapons alas less customisation. Kinda bums me out that the Pre-Sequel isn’t coming to PS4 or Xbox One this year.
As for the crucible, it’s okay. Its definitely no Halo but I don’t think they are going for that. I sure wish they were. So far the maps all seem a little boring and small. Also the lack of game modes is disappointing. I enjoy the bounties like the Halo weekly challenges.

The most impressive things for me are the music (God bless Marty), the overall presentation, UI is pretty much the nicest thing i’ve ever experienced. It looks and feels great. I almost enjoy the art and graphics, it’s not bad looking for a cross gen game. The gun play isn’t bad too, I haven’t come across many interesting weapons yet hopefully I will as I progress.

As i’m writing this I am one bullet away from level 16 as an Exo Warlock. I have totalled just under 10 hours so far. I am going to continue playing to complete all the missions and explore a little but after that I’m not too sure if i’ll be coming back often to play.

If I were to rate the game on a scale of 1 - 10 it gets a 7/10. I got the game almost half price with some vouchers I had, and I don’t think i’d be mad if I spent the full £40 - 50. I would never spend the crazy £100 + for some of those special editions though.

I hear people online raving about this game like it’s the second coming of Christ. It’s GOTY or
GOAT I do not feel this way. This is a fun enough game with friends, but it needs a lot of work. I’m not too sure what the season pass includes but I hope it can help this game with its missed potential or i’ll just have to wait for Destiny 2.

- It’s a very unsocial, limited and repetitive game and I would only recommend play with friends or other people on mic to get the most enjoyment out of it.

Interested to hear what others think so far.


Nice job.


I hope Bungie improves some of the social aspects of the game and hopefully they consider adding a matchmaking option.

Yeah definitely, another thing with the crucible apparently everyones weapons, armour and character stats don't count in PVP but man sure feels like it. I get murdered instantly by people higher rank than me. I hope they add more match making options, I mean Bungie are the kings of console PVP

What is GOAT?


And didn't they fire the music composer?



My biggest gripe (besides dull MMO fetch quests and atmosphere, repetitiveness, online-only) is no split screen co-op. Couch co-op would have been a day one purchase from me, but now I'll wait for $20 or the "Complete Edition" for $40.

What is GOAT?


And didn't they fire the music composer?



My biggest gripe (besides dull MMO fetch quests and atmosphere, repetitiveness, online-only) is no split screen co-op. Couch co-op would have been a day one purchase from me, but now I'll wait for $20 or the "Complete Edition" for $40.

GOAT - greatest of all time. Yeah Marty was fired from Bungie earlier this year, shame really his music was one of the major things I liked about Halo. His music has always been outstanding. I didn't even realise there wasn't split screen, seems weird since Bungie have always included it in every Halo game..

Never heard that term. Haha

The game will more points with me when it comes out with more content. I.E. More Strike and Story Missions. The Vanguard Playlist gets really old real fast if we're playing the same thing over and over again. You think that one of the hypest games ever would have more content. 

Yeah its very light on content. I wonder if thats because they have planned DLC and this 10 year plan or whatever to support the game. Either way the vanilla game has way less content than most other shooters around.

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