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Humor I Find With The Rerelease of Pokemon R/B/Y

Posted by GnarKills, 04 February 2016 · 3229 views

The day that I've been waiting for now for quite some time is almost here. Nintendo is finally releasing the original trio of Pokemon games in the eshop for us to enjoy all over again. I can't wait to get back into these games for the first time in years. Everyone has been asking for these to be released in the eshop and it seems like they've finally answered everyones wish...or so you would think. Since the announcement of these games I've read a TON of negative comments about these releases saying they should be updated graphically or just be the Fire Red/Leaf Green versions of the game. I'm not sure what happened over this time span of the eshop being a thing but this has been one of the most requested games on the 3/DS eshop for quite some time. Now that it's a reality it seems a lot of people have flipped to complaining about the release...calling it lazy and a quick cash grab. I personally don't get it but I'll be enjoying these games on the 27th.

I may want to go through Yellow again (just because I like how it's basically Pokemon Anime: the Game), but I've pretty much had my fill of the Kanto Region, since I've already played it in the GB version of Blue/Yellow, Gold, FireRed, and HeartGold. I've got waaaay too many games to play as it is. Not to mention, all of the games on the horizon (SFV, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, Mirror's Edge). LOL

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