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May 10th

Posted by GnarKills, 13 April 2016 · 1263 views

May 10th is the day I've been waiting for since I beat Uncharted 3 for the first time in November 2011. Uncharted has been a series that no matter how many times I've played and beat the previous 3 main entries and Golden Abyss I just can't get enough of it. From the deep story telling that Naughty Dog is known for to the super smooth gameplay...it's just perfect.


A game series hasn't grabbed me and pulled me in like this since the 3D transition of Zelda in Ocarina of Time and when Square released Final Fantasy IX. It sucks knowing this will be the final entry in this series but it looks to be quite the epic adventure and it's good to not drag the series into something that people grow tired of. It'll let Naughty Dog focus on new series or hopefully the announcement of The Last of Us 2!!


Also, an added bonus on this day is Deadpool releasing on Blu Ray!


All in all...May 10th is shaping up to be quite the day for me and millions of fans of UC around the world.

What a glorious day May 10th will be. I've pre-ordered the Limited Edition artbooks from the PlayStation Gear store. I do have the Special Edition pre-ordered, but I may cancel it, because I really like the vanilla artwork. We'll see. What a wonderful way to say goodbye. Deadpool on Blu as well; it's gonna be a great day. 

I have the collectors edition with the statue preordered and can't wait to display it with my UC3 Nathan Drake! In between gaming sessions I'll be watching Deadpool as well. Can't wait!

I have to agree Naughty Dog really kicks out high quality games.  The Uncharted series is probably one of my favorites.


I am with Miada on this one.  It is tough to decide what to do first watch Deadpool or play Uncharted 4!

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