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Pokemon Sun & Moon Starter's Revealed!

Posted by GnarKills, 11 May 2016 · 4738 views

Pokemon Sun Moon 3DS Nintendo
Pokemon Sun & Moon Starter's Revealed!

The long awaited reveal of Pokemon Sun and Moon's starters is finally here! Yesterday, The Pokemon Company released a short video to show off the new upcoming game. Before I get into the new starters I'll touch real quick on some points I saw.


The new region looks to be called Alola. It looks to be based off of Hawaii with the surrounding water and the environment we've seen. This is far from what anyone was expecting as I don't think I've heard Hawaii thrown around out there as a potential Pokemon game setting.


The graphics while exploring looks to be updated as well. I didn't think they'd make them any better then how good XY and ORAS already looked but they outdid themselves again!


We also got a quick glimpse of the new box legendary's as well. These Pokemon are very unique in appearance and almost give me a sort of Digimon vibe. We do not have any official names that I've seen anywhere but Sun's looks to be based off of a lion and Moon's looks like a sterioided out Zubat evolution. Both are neat in design but do not appeal to me much. The lion is sort of cool but nothing I really care about.


Now onto the starters!


First up is my favorite of the three. This would be Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokemon. Simple but cool design with good typing right off the bat in Grass/Flying. This will be my first starter I go with unless the evolutions take a Chespin route...in that case we'll see.


Second we have the next one up of the trio and my second favorite in Litten, the Fire Cat Pokemon. Only type as of now is Fire but the evolution looks like it could go off into a Fire/Dark type if I had to guess. The evolution line could be awesome with this one.


Last but not least is my least favorite of the bunch and the one I have a hard time getting exicted about in Popplio. the Sea Lion Pokemon. Another simple design that could go in many different directions in it's evolution chain. I'm guessing Water/Fairy will be it's final evolution typing as well. Again, whatever the final evolutions will have some pull in who I go with but just off the base starter, Rowlet wins.


We also have a street date of November 18th!

Not sure how anyone can choose anything other than Litten based on the pictures.  The others look like something from a baby's bassinet.

I'm honestly not much of a fan of any of the starters but Rowlett stands out the most for me. Litten is cool as well though. The typing right off the bat for Rowlett is a nice advantage.

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