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The Witcher 3 first impressions

Posted by warreni, 02 May 2016 · 4518 views

The Witcher 3 RPG CD Projekt RED real-time combat

So to my surprise my new work laptop can actually handle the notoriously-poorly-optimized The Witcher 3, so I've been playing it a bit for the last several days. I'm around 2 hours into the game, still a level 1 Geralt, but I've made a few tentative observations:

  • Combat is TPSier than ever in this installment, more so than in Assassins of Kings, and I still miss the timing-based combat from the first game
  • The controls are pretty wonky with a keyboard and mouse; Geralt seems to control like a drunkard. It looks like this is the first Witcher game I'll be playing with a controller.
  • The game looks and sounds great. Voice-acting is terrific, ambient sounds are nice, and the game world and characters look fantastic.
  • Quest-tracking is pretty straightforward but fiddling with the menus is a bit cumbersome. It should be easier to switch signs.
  • Gwent seems like a CCG that's actually not too tedious.

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