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Stardock's new Star Control doesn't look anything like Star Control

Posted by warreni, in game musings 19 October 2016 · 3875 views

Stardock Star Control new Star Control No Mans Sky

So, Stardock, creators of the Galactic Civilizations series and collaborators on the well-received Sins of a Solar Empire slow RTS games, is the proud owner of the rights to the original Star Control games (1 and 2) and is now taking pre-orders for its new iteration. They've even released a trailer here:


So if you're a fan of Star Control or Star Control 2, this should be exciting news, right? Well, not really, for a few reasons. The first one is . . . did you watch that trailer?! It looks like Mass Effect 2 and No Man's Sky had a love child with an extra sex chromosome because they are actually first cousins and the baby had "issues."


The second and maybe more salient reason is this:


What is Stardock's plan for Star Control?

We plan to continue to support and maintain the original franchise (1/2/3) and use StarControl.com to provide a home for the lore and history that Paul Reiche and Fred Ford created.

We are also "Rebooting" Star Control with a new game that is not part of the original Star Control canon. It will not be using the Ur-Quan continuity as we consider the Ur-Quan universe to be the property of Paul Reiche and Fred Ford and will not use the lore or the aliens of it without their permission.

Wait, what? Star Control but no wacky, fun Star Control aliens?! Eh, pass. Hard pass.

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