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The Walking Dead Season 2 continues Clementine's story in superlative Telltale fashion

Posted by warreni, in game review 18 March 2017 · 2960 views

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The Walking Dead Season 2 picks up Clementine's story not long after the end of Season 1, and this is definitely Clementine's show in much the same way that Season 1 was Lee's story. If you've played the previous game in this series or any other older or more current Telltale game, then you basically know what to expect from this one, and, frankly, you've probably already formed an opinion about it. People love or hate Telltale games, mostly because they're not really adventure games in any conventional sense except the narrowest possible one: they focus on relaying a narrative to the player. Telltale games are about watching cutscenes unfold with dialog choices that propel the story in one direction or another and occasionally too-frequent QTEs. Whether this constitutes the kind of game that you personally enjoy is a matter of taste; I do.


In Season 2, we see Clem lose old friends, gain new allies, fight new enemies, and, at the end, lose another old friend. In short, it's basically what you would expect from a tale set in this fictional world, but the story and characters are mostly well-written and compelling. You don't have the same sense of attachment to them as you did in the first series because there are so many groups in this one. However, I did find my eyes leaking fluid near the end. Damn you, Telltale, you did it again.


This game features Telltale's typical cell-shaded art style and high-quality voice acting. My playtime was 11 hours, but that's probably a bit atypically slow. Highly recommended.

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