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Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Thoughts

Posted by warreni, in game review, game musings 05 November 2017 · 2880 views

Dragon Age RPG bioWare DLC Thedas

After finishing Mafia III, for no particular reason I decided to dive back into the world of a game I'd last played almost two years ago, Dragon Age: Inquisition. After playing through the Digital Deluxe Edition not too long after it came out, I subsequently picked up two of the game's DLCs on sale, "Jaws of Hakkon" and "Trespasser." While "Descent" sounded interesting as a concept (I did wonder about how the world of Thedas had suddenly become way more interested in demons and the Fade than Darkspawn between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II--to the point that when this third game rolls around, the Grey Wardens of Origins are the butt of jokes and villains instead of world-saving heroes), the reviews it received were lukewarm at best.


"Jaws of Hakkon" finds you exploring a new region, the Frostback Basin, and battling a faction of Avvar dedicated to the resurrection of the dead god Hakkon. The Avvar are Dragon Age's spin on Vikings, a clan-based society of warriors living in mountainous regions. The Inquisition's original interest in this area is sparked by a scholar's discovery that this is the last known location of the previous Inquisitor, who disappeared 800 years ago. As you dig deeper into the mystery surrounding Inquisitor Ameridan, it soon becomes apparent that his story and that of the Avvar god of war, Hakkon, are intextricably linked in an unexpected way. As a new area, this DLC adds in more shards to discover, more Fade rifts to close, more loot, resources, items and schematics, as well as a fair helping of side quests to boot. I wouldn't consider it essential for the average DA: I player, but if you want more Dragon Age, that is precisely what you will get.


"Trespasser" is the far more interesting of the two. Purporting to be the end of the Inquisition story, this DLC takes place two years after the end of the main story. During an Exalted Council, whose stated purpose is to determine the fate of the Inquisition, a new threat emerges that may unleash a catastrophic war across the continent unless you and your team of stalwarts can put an end to it. The Inquisitor has a chance to catch up with (almost) all of his old companions and see what they've been up to before the key story missions start. This turns out to be a pretty great way to close out the game; one of your companions will be revealed as a traitor and one as something rather altogether different. However, and it's unclear why BioWare chose to do this, it does leave a major question hanging out there unanswered, almost as though the developer changed its mind at the last minute and said, "Hm. Maybe we do want more DLCs and/or this is what we want Dragon Age IV to be about." Whatever the reason, it ends up not quite fulfilling the promise of closing the book on the Inquisition. Having said that, it does wrap up most things cleanly and it is well-written and quite a bit of fun.

I recently dove into the end-of-game DLC for Inquisition as well, mostly due to the fact that I transitioned from my PS3 version of Dragon Age to PS4. Thanks for your thoughts on it, I can't wait to try out Trespasser!

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