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So why is Bayonetta supposed to be so great?

Posted by warreni, in game musings 16 January 2018 · 3739 views

I spent some time toying with Bayonetta this past weekend and I can't wrap my head around the hype surrounding this game's recent port to PC. Granted, I was playing a BC version originally released for the XBOX 360 on my XBOX One S, but I can't believe that it's fundamentally different. The opening cutscenes told a confusing story about a witch who is the spawn of an apparently forbidden union between a witch and an angel who is born and subsequently put into some sort of suspended animation for an indeterminate period of time. She beats up and/or shoots angels that are attacking her and then rides around in a convertible owned by a Joe Pesci-soundalike mobster-type to a bar owned by a huge black guy. The combat system seemed to be too complex for its own good, with spells and other things that you collect as well as gunplay courtesy of guns either attached to or holstered in the heroine's shoes and lots of melee attacks. There's generally so much going on that it's hard to follow what's happening based on any particular sequence of button-presses, so I'm left with a game where I'm beating up enemies in ways I don't understand for reasons that are entirely unclear. What exactly is the appeal of this?

I'm not going to write a novel here, but in a nutshell, it's an arthouse type labor of love project from one of the main developers of Devil May Cry. As such, it's designed to give the fans an experience similar to that game. Extremely fast paced combat that rewards players that are able to pull off a variety of combinations in rapid fashion without interruption, all taking place in an over-the-top, campy style storyline that places ridiculous moves and cornball humor over more serious hack and slash stuff like God of War. Like Dante, the game wants you to feel that Bayonetta is a complete badass fully capable of kicking the crap out of creatures 5 times her size, and accomplishes this with the conceited attitude that her and Dante both display in their respective games. In the hands of the right player, she lives up to that hype. 

Thanks for your insight. 

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