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Doctor Who game turns out to be rather crappy

Posted by warreni, in game review 04 November 2018 · 3100 views

match-3 puzzle Doctor Who

I wanted to like this game, and I tried to like it. I wasted a lot of time and enjoyed playing Tiny Rebel's previous Doctor Who-themed game, Legacy, which is a fairly-conventional match-3 puzzle game with simple stories, a wide array of characters from the show, and a variety of mechanics that keep the boards interesting. This was the company's first effort to translate that to a PC platform, and unfortunately, something was decidedly lost in translation.


While on its face this is a very similar game to Legacy, a match-3 setup with bits of story-cutscene to link the levels, it's significantly different in several key ways, some good and some bad. The cutscenes have voice-acting from characters in the show, including Michelle Gomez's Missy and Katy Manning's Jo Grant nee Jones, and this lends the stories a little more punch. The bad is that the puzzles are ridiculously hard. Yes, I know it's possible that I'm simply not very good, but given that I have some experience with this kind of game, I didn't expect this level of difficulty. There is always an element of stochasticity to these types of games because you never know what color gems or balls or diamonds or whatever will replace the ones that you've matched and caused to disappear, but many of these boards appear to be designed, in spite of that, to have VERY specific solutions. I say this because most of them have hard turn limits, and if you don't complete whatever the particular objective is within that turn limit, you lose. Yes, you can skip most of them after you lose several times, although, frankly that seems to defeat the purpose of this actually BEING a game. Moreover, later in the first chapter, the game throws you for a loop with levels that are essentially infinite, where you can neither win nor lose, as the game keeps introducing elements to the board that you are required to eliminate.


I was actually really looking forward to this game, so much so that I preordered it, so I'm really bummed out by the prospect of posting a negative review. Maybe these problems can be patched, but it seems as though they're features rather than bugs, so I don't see that happening. Removing the turn limits would solve many of the game's issues but clearly not all of them.

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