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Winx Club Game- Develop By Following The Cartoon Film, Winx Club

Posted by MaximuSR, in flash games 13 November 2016 · 3895 views

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If you want to enhance the creativity of your girl child, then the best option is to let her play modern games. Though most of the games can be played by all girls and boys, some are especially designed for female players. And at this point Winx Club game is highly relevant. Now, if you have interest in it, you can read about its origin.


Winx Club - The relation of game and cartoon
Since the year, 2004, Winx Club has become a very popular name in the country of Italy because this is an interesting cartoon show to almost all the children. It is mainly intended for those kids, whose age ranges from five to eleven or twelve years. This has turned out to be much preferred series to the kids, as it comprises mostly the magical stories. However, the girls are more interested in this series though the boys are also tempted with the stories.
In the USA also, the series has become prominent. The stories on fairies have also been in various languages. Besides, to attract the attention of children, lots of toys and books have been introduced on the basis of the characters from Winx Club. Many children like to take part in the games, which are related to the cartoon. Thus, by following this cartoon, Winx club games have been launched to offer the children appealing PC games.
The games, based on Winx club are of a variety of categories, such as
· Adventure
· Magic
· Action
· Makeup or dress-up
· Puzzles
So, your children may also get the most desirable option among the above ones.
Obviously, each of these categories has special features, and the dress-up Winx games are preferable mainly to the girls because it is of a girlish type of game. The girl players may get some options for restoring the characters in the Winx cartoon. Among all the characters, the major one is Bloom, while others include Tecna, Musa, Stella, Flora and many more. The games, which allow girls in dressing up the characters, are highly attractive, and this Winx game series can also be found in many gaming websites.
A popular games, created on the basis of Winx Club
Winx Sirenix Power is also one of the remarkable games, in which the kids may play with three-dimensional underwater. It allows the player to swim through ocean. Besides, lots of hearts need to be collected in due course. There is Tritannus, against which the competition is to be carried out. Besides, the players may find four diverse tracks, including the Balance and Control Pillar, and all these have been extracted from the original television program.
If you want to enhance the rate, invincibility and defense level, then you can use Sirenix Power and some other Spells. You may also start rocking with the soundtracks and television music. In total, there are sixteen levels, and you have to control your joystick in order to run the game.
There are many other games, which you may try to enjoy Winx Club.

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