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Spear of Odin Guild perks

Posted by drakeg190, 21 September 2017 · 1946 views

Hi, guys thank you for the support Drake_Green here, right now on Spear of Odin I wanna talk about the benefits of having a guild. On the guild section of the game, there's this thing like the world tree or guild tree(I don't quite remember) you can give love once a day(for free) to make the tree grow now why would like the tree to grow I'll tell you guys in a second, now once you give love(for free) you can still give love by offering your equipments for the tree to level-up now once the tree reach level 10 you can evolve it(or so to say) to the next level where you can see the tree is slightly bigger now, but before you can evolve the tree you must reach a certain donation point on the guild, take note that this is the accumulated donations of all the members of your guild, not just you(at least if you're not alone in your guild). Now if you donate you receive a certain donation point(seriously don't know what that for). Once your tree levels-up the daily guild rewards also levels-up simply put the higher the level of your guild tree(or world tree) the bigger zeny you receive on the daily rewards and if its big enough it will also give prism stones. While doing this guild thing I discovered some sort of bug I dunno if its a feature or bug, glitch whatever, but once you donate zeny on your guild, quited on said guild, applied again on same guild you can donate again!, disregarding the 10hr cooldown! but ofcourse the donation point resets but you can grow your tree faster this way

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