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That satisfying feeling when you craft stuff

Posted by drakeg190, 26 September 2017 · 2573 views

Mobile game Rpg SEA

Hey guys, Drake_Green here I really appreciate people who read my blogs, thank again guys. Now I wanna talk about crafting in game well to craft materials you need to hunt them, I feel life this is the remnants of the original RO game taking form on this game because this the only things you need to hunt in order to create stuff, and when you want to craft a strong item on early game you really need to continuously clear a dungeon and keep on dismantling items to get things like phracon or brabiums or sometimesv zircon in order for you to craft stuff I did it when I was still in low level and tries very hard to craft a sword I OP(Over Powered) for only a few levels(5 or so can't remember) before being obsolete. Now in the game the higher your level is the harder it is to level-up, that's when I came to realize that if I didn't wasted my time on crafting at early game it would've more beneficial on higher levels when it was harder to level-up, but when you craft that items you get the feeling of fulfillment that "yeah it was hard work crafting this stuff" kind of feeling, a satisfying feeling that fills you with happiness and then regret when the item becomes obsolete.

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