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TERRORhythm TRRT - music powered beat 'em up

Posted by EvilCoGames, 27 November 2017 · 1474 views

We are currently working on our next game – TERRORhythm (see steam coming-soon-page here: http://store.steampo....com/app/752380). Our idea is to create mix of two genres: beat’em up and rhythm game in the dark cyberpunk world. Stylish level and character design, spectacular FX and hardcore rhythm-based gameplay - this is our recipe for a good game.


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The core gameplay is a classic beat’em up battle with numerous enemies attacking the main character from both sides. The success of the battle session depends on how you can catch the rhythm of the background’ musical track and kick the enemies to the beat. The duration of one game session determined by the duration of the musical track playing on the background. One of the most important features we are going to provide is the possibility to upload your own music in game and play to it.



Our team was inspired by such games as «One finger Death punch», «Crypt of the necrodancer», «KickBeat», «Guitar Hero» and «Audio Surf 2». But we are trying not only to make a mixture of existing mechanics but also to give some unique features like music-driven level difficulty and scene feedback. We also decided to make a comics to allow you to explore a silent dark city where the game plot takes place. We will post comics regularly on our community pages and blogs.


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As the game development is in progress now, we are hungry for any feedback, advice and opinions. First project experience of working with the community was so fruitful, so we have no doubt left about power and benefit of feedback. Hope that with your help we will make TERRORhythm the best it can be. Current tasks we are working on right now includes custom music support, equalized scenes, light reaction the beat, major gameplay improvements and balancing, normal and hardcore game modes, more miss.

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