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Things to Check before Booking a Tennis Club

Posted by caitlynwilliams, 17 March 2018 · 5577 views

Tennis Club
Things to Check before Booking a Tennis Club

Tennis courts are large open spaces which can be booked especially for tennis events or on several occasions as well. But before you go ahead and book one, here are few important things that you must keep in mind.


Who can all book a tennis court?


Community groups and organizers of special events can book a tennis court for tennis tournaments or community events at a standard charge.The private companies and tennis instructors can book tennis courts as well at a nominal charge.


Any drop in players or public users, however, is not allowed to book a tennis court for any sort of recreational plays. Courts can be easily used sans any cost according to the posted guidelines. Tennis courts are available on the basis of first-come and first-serve.


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Things to be aware of prior to Tennis Club Fort Lauderdale

  • Any group that books a city tennis court is expected to leave one court empty at all the locations when booked for certain permitted special occasions.
  • If a special occasion is permitted for use for all the courts any a given location, the organizer or the group should post a signage at the site, that is visible, at least one week prior to the occasion, informing the public that the court would be occupied for the approved time frame and date(s).
  • Groups or organizers booking the Tennis Club Fort Lauderdale should take along their permit.
  • It should be kept in mind, that no pets are allowed inside the tennis courts or even the area surrounding that.
  • You can easily report a complaint by dialing 3-1-1 from your phone.
What are the rental rates?


Drop-in players/ Public- No fee is charges, first-come firs-serve policy.


Private instructors, events or tournaments- The charge for the tennis courts shall be $8.40 inclusive of GST per hour and per court. There would also be a $4.75 fee for risk management fee for every permit.


Indoor tennis court booking rules that you must know about



  • Booking has to be done atleast 3 days prior and maximum two bookings for every individual player per week.
  • The person who would book must necessarily be the player, who would be playing there.
  • The player who makes a booking will not be allowed any 2 consecutive court bookings, i.e: singles or doubles. You have to book consecutive courts with different names.
  • If you wish to cancel your booking, you have to do it two hours prior.
These were few of the basic things that one must know when booking a tennis court. Wish to book a tennis court for an event or tournament? You can contact Tennis Club Fort Lauderdale.

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